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Tips And Tricks For Getting Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Wondering which process of hair removal is best? We give you a rundown of the pros and cons of each plus some tips that might come in handy!

Our hair is supposed to be our crowning glory. Problem is, if it’s growing in unsightly places, where’s the glory in that? Here are tips and tricks for you, Cosmo gals, on how to handle that hairy situation:

BLEACHING: The painless process of removing pigment (tint) from hair using creme or gel bleach, without actual hair removal.

  • This is best used on hair above the upper lip (mustache area).
  • It can also be used to lighten eyebrows to soften your facial features.
  • Do NOT use on the genital area!
  • This is for people who would rather have all their facial hair intact but want them invisible, or who have low tolerance for pain.
  • It is effective in making hair less visible, but hair may still be obvious, especially when makeup adheres to hair strands.
  • Its effect lasts up to two weeks.
  • Reminder: Make sure to patch test first on the inner part of your wrist and wait at least half a day to check for allergic reactions.
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THREADING: The process of hair removal by means of interlocking two thread strands to pull hair.

  • It is usually done to remove facial hair only.
  • There will be minimal pain but it will leave temporary redness since the face is a highly sensitive area.
  • The process is not as effective on ingrown and very short and fine hair.
  • Although hair grows back just a little each day, you need to wait at least a week before threading again so hair is long enough to go in between threads.
  • Tip: Always apply alcohol with cotton before and after threading to both sanitize and close pores.
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PLUCKING: Removing hair with the use of tweezers.

  • With good quality tweezers, plucking can effectively be used in any area on its own or to assist in pulling out ingrown hairs during waxing, shaving, or threading.
  • For best results, use a magnified mirror or pluck under natural light.
  • Do your best not to drop your tweezers as this may cause the tips to misalign or go blunt.
  • This beauty move is the easiest and fastest way to remove hair for touch-ups or in between threading or waxing appointments.
  • Reminder: Sanitize your tweezers whenever possible with alcohol, especially if it's used by several people. Wipe it thoroughly to keep it from rusting.
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SHAVING: Trimming (not removing) hair by using a razor or bladed instrument.

  • There are two types of razors: those for use on the body and the Japanese razor type that is best used on the face, for more precision.
  • It is effective in removing hair but since hair is not pulled from the root, it grows back faster compared to when you've gone through waxing.
  • Hair also grows back thicker when you shave. Do not shave the lip area since thicker hair, however short, creates more shadows. This only looks good on men!
  • Shaving can be done in all areas where hair removal is needed but be sure to do this with care on the genital area.
  • When shaving the genital area, use a moisturizing conditioner instead to soften hair and make shaving easier.
  • This is the BEST way to SHAPE eyebrows to create arches and straight lines. Plucking only aids shaving eyebrows by “cleaning up” any stray hair.
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WAXING: This is a process of hair removal that involves applying cold or hot waxy substances like honey, melted sugar, and actual candle wax on hair then pulling it abruptly or removing it using a cloth.

  • It is fast but the most painful process among all! This is my personal favorite (I am a Brazilian wax chick)!
  • Although somewhat pricey, I highly recommend it, not only for removing unwanted hair, but also for removing dead skin, since the wax acts like a glue on your hair and skin. This leave you with super smooth and instantly whiter skin! That’s why I always get a whole body wax before bikini or lingerie jobs!
  • This is amazing at whitening areas like the knees, feet and its knuckles, elbows, navel, and groin area. Oftentimes these areas are darker due to accumulation of dead skin that bathing alone or even a loofah can't remove.
  • The best part? Hair grows back finer every time and sometimes, certain areas no longer grow any hair, I swear!
  • This is best used on the body and lip area only, and not the eye area. Since this process has an abrupt pulling motion with a considerable amount of force, this may cause premature loosening, sagging, and wrinkling of our delicate eye area.
  • Always end your waxing session by wiping the area using a very cold towel to close pores and avoid the risk of having chicken skin.
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This list hopefully helped you decide on the best hair removal process for your skin and hair growth type. However, as with any process that deals with our skin and body, always consult a professional first!