Here Are The Top Disney Tattoos, Ranked By Instagram Popularity

Think your favorite Disney character made it on the list?
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/maddtatterz, (RIGHT) Instagram/tattoosylwia

Tattoo inspiration comes from all kinds of places, so it's not surprising that many look to their favourite Disney movies for ink-spo. What is surprising, however, is which Disney movies inspire the most tattoos.

A new study has looked through Instagram to compare the number of hashtags* for tattoos inspired by your favorite animated films to determine the 10 most popular Disney designs. From Beauty and the Beast to The Little Mermaid and Snow White, there's no shortage of cartoon-y homages.

Scroll through to see the top 10 Disney tattoos on Instagram, along with a handful of nostalgic tatt ideas.

Alice in Wonderland

80,003 hashtags

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Taking out the top spot is Alice in Wonderland, with a slew of designs ranging from Alice herself to characters like the Cheshire Cat taking over the 'gram.

The Lion King

26,908 hashtags

Hakuna matata! What a wonderful...source of inspiration, apparently. The Lion King comes in at number two for tatt ideas.

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Mickey Mouse

24,058 hashtags

Oh Mickey, you're so fine, rounding off the top three. But hey, we already knew that.

The Little Mermaid

22,478 hashtags

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The Little Mermaid is the most popular Disney princess to make the cut.

Lilo & Stitch

20,778 hashtags

Peter Pan

18,353 hashtag

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Whether it's Peter himself, or Tinkerbell, Peter Pan is another Insta fave.

Beauty & the Beast

15,114 hashtags

Belle designs are another go-to for Beauty and the Beast fans, with the Enchanted Rose practically made for the 'gram.

Sleeping Beauty

8,561 hashtags

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Um, can we just take a second to talk about how stunning this Aurora and Maleficent tatt is?

Snow White

8,063 hashtags

Snow White is the last Disney Princess to make the list, with many adding the Seven Dwarves to their designs.

Minnie Mouse

7,281 hashtags

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And the top 10 is rounded off with Minnie Mouse, who finishes seven spots after her bae, Mickey.

*All hashtag counts are from the time of publishing.


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