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Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Tragus Piercing

It's one of the more low-key choices out there.
tragus piercing
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Fact: Getting multiple piercings is always fun. After you get your lobes done, there are still a ton of possible areas that are just waiting to be pierced! If you don't want to go for the regular ol' helix piercing and you're looking for something more ~unique~, we suggest getting your tragus done.

Below, we discuss everything you need to know about this unconventional piercing, including its pain level, healing time, and of course, some pictures you can screenshot for inspiration! Keep on scrolling to learn more:

What is a tragus piercing?

A tragus piercing is a piercing done on the tiny bump of cartilage that partially protrudes and covers your ear canal. The beauty of this piercing is that it looks chic on its own, but it can also complement whatever other piercings you have!

A variation of this piercing is the surface tragus. The only difference is that instead of puncturing the cartilage, the skin beside it is pierced. However, there is a higher chance of your body *rejecting* the jewelry of your surface tragus piercing since it lies within the skin—your body may think of it as a foreign object and might try to dislodge it.

Infographic Guide to Ear Piercing Locations and Terminology
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How painful is a tragus piercing?

Everyone's pain tolerance is different—what may hurt like a bitch to others may not even feel like much to you. That said, tragus piercings may look like they are painful (since it's such a tiny area and it feels tougher than your lobes), but they won't hurt any more than your average helix piercing. You may feel a bit of pressure and a ~hot~ sensation as the needle punctures your skin, but a professional body piercer works quickly to ensure you won't feel much discomfort.

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How long does it take for a tragus piercing to heal?

Like any other cartilage piercing, your tragus piercing will heal anywhere between three to six months up to a full year. Of course, this all depends on how well you take care of the area, which leads us to our next point...

How do I take care of my tragus piercing?

Waiting for any ear piercing to heal is never any fun, but tragus piercings are a bit trickier to deal with since it gets in the way when talking on the phone or listening to music via earphones, headphones, or Bluetooth devices. We recommend avoiding them for the first one to two months since they can harbor germs that can transfer to your *fresh* wound. Avoid sleeping on your side as well to prevent any friction that can irritate or move around your jewelry.

Cleaning it is pretty straightforward: Simply use a saline solution-soaked cotton bud to cleanse the area and dab it dry using a clean towel. Make sure not to be too rough with it!


Interested in getting a tragus piercing? Check out these pictures for inspiration:

  1. We love how equally spaced out the piercings are in this curated ear.

  2. The tragus piercing makes this curated ear look more cohesive.

  3. The snake design is a fun change from the usual ~boring~ studs.

  4. Situating all your piercings on the lower part of your ear makes it look cleaner.

  5. The tragus piercing balances out the piercings on the shell of the ear.

  6. Sometimes, less is truly more.

  7. Mixing and matching your jewelry is always a good idea.

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