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Is An *Underarm Detox* The Secret To Brighter, Flawless Kilikili?

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Ever since the trend of applying toner on your kilikili become widespread, it gave birth to even more hacks for healthier armpits. One of them is going on an underarm detox. This is done by tossing your regular deo for a natural one and regularly applying clay masks on your pits—yup, they definitely need TLC, too. Below, we discuss everything it can do for your underarms.

What is an underarm detox?

An underarm detox essentially means giving your pits a break from all your usual products. According to Mona Gohara, M.D., this "allows the microbiome in the armpit to recalibrate to [its] normal state." It focuses on ~purifying~ your kilikili from toxins, chemicals from commercially made deodorants, and sweat + dead skin buildup.  

It is done by switching to a *natural* deodorant and applying clay masks on your pits weekly or bi-weekly. By doing these two things, you'll eventually have cleaner, healthier, and odor-free underarms.


What are the benefits of going on an underarm detox?

  1. It decreases the amount of sweat your body produces.

    Here's something you should know if you do decide to go on an underarm detox: Your pits will sweat a lot *at first*. Don't be alarmed by this—it's their way of flushing out the toxins. Once your body adjusts to your new regimen, the amount of pawis will soon stabilize.

  2. It lets your underarms recover.

    From the day we hit puberty, we were told to swipe on an antiperspirant deodorant to avoid B.O. and sweat stains. While it may be effective in warding off the stink and pawis, the chemicals in it may be way too harsh for the delicate skin of our pits. Plus, most deos use aluminum-based salts to block sweat glands. By going on a detox, you're giving your underarms a break and letting it recuperate and go back to its normal healthy state.

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  3. It helps manage B.O.

    Body odor is a natural thing as we produce them throughout the day. You can keep the smell at bay by switching to a natural deodorant. It has gentle ingredients that ward off the unpleasant scent while caring for the sensitive skin of your pits. If the funky odor and excessive sweating are really bothering you, it's best to seek advice from a medical expert.

Our takeaway

If you want to give your underarms a break from ~everything~, doing a detox is one way to let it go back to its healthy state. At first, your kilikili will go through a lot of changes, such as excessive pawis and pit stains. Don't worry—that's just your body trying to adjust to your new routine. You'll find that the benefits outweigh the small drawbacks. In as little as two weeks, your armpits will become smoother and body odor won't be so much of an issue—even after sweating!


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