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I Started A 4-Step Nightly Underarm Care Routine To Soothe My Sensitive Skin

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Full disclosure: I don't have TV commercial-grade underarms, so I went on a full-on kilikili detox which, honestly, is one of the best skincare decisions I've ever made. The purge actually helped lessen amoy pawis even when I'm not wearing deodorant.

Since the detox, I've also treated myself to underarm hair laser removal treatment (it's a great investment) and a few laser-brightening sessions to help even out annoying dark spots. These made me more conscious about how I take care of my pits because I already shelled out money for them and it would be a waste if I don't maintain them.

So every night after I give my face a bit of love, I do an underarm skincare routine. The process is something you're already familiar with: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize. Feel free to duplicate it with products that are hiyang for you.


Usually, I take a warm shower before I go to bed and I make sure to gently and thoroughly wash my pits to remove sweat and remnants of deodorant; but for days when I'm too tired to do so, I use micellar water for cleansing.


Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Water, P299/200ml,  P499/400ml, Lazada


This can be done every other day (or depending on what you're comfortable with), but make sure to pick a really, really gentle product for it. I don't use exfoliants that will cause intense peeling and dryness. I also don't use scrubs that much since I don't want to make my pits feel tender to the touch afterwards.

I use Korean exfoliating creams and gelsthe ones you just rub on for a bit until they slough off grime and dead skin. 

Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling Mask, P390, Althea

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Esfolio Pure Skin 2 Step Multi Bubble & Peeling Cleanser, P949, Esfolio


Remove any remaining exfoliant and return the skin's proper pH balance with a toner. Personally, I do this twice: First to do one final, cleansing swipe, and second, to have the skin absorb the product.

Goodal Green Tangerine Moist Mist Toner, P870/200ml, Freyja


For this part, I use body oils because my underarms are prone to drying. I use a sunflower oil-based product as it really helps soothe my skin. Just make sure to wash whatever oil will remain the following day before you put on your deodorant.


Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil Bloom, P199.75/50ml, P329.75/100ml, Human Nature

I realized that taking care of my underarms as much as I do my face makes me feel more confident about them. They're not perfect, but they're a whole lot better and healthier than they were before. I also try to use natural deodorants and move away from anti-perspirants: if I sweat, then I sweat. It's natural, after all. Having pawis seep through my clothes is a little embarrassing at times, but I've been building a wardrobe with fabrics that won't make it too obvious, so it's less of an issue for me.

If like me you're always on the look-out for natural and gentle deos, check out a couple that I've tried:

Deo Nat Mineral Deodorant Spray, P159/100ml, Watsons

One Earth Organics Antibacterial Whitening Deo-Spray P352/60ml, Beauty Bar

Here's one brand I've heard a lot of good about but haven't tried yet:

Zero Basics Deodorant, P250/250ml, BeautyMNL

Good luck with your kilikili journey! Sound off in the comments section if you have your own regimen and/or tips!

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