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It Could Take Less Than 25 Minutes For The Sun To Burn Your Skin

Do you check the UV index regularly?

Sun damage is all too real in a tropical country like ours. On bright days when the sun is in full force (which is nearly every day), the amount of UV radiation from the sun can quickly cause damage to the skin, more so when you step out unprotected. In the Philippines, it's normal to experience UV ratings of 9 and above, which are rated "very high" to "extreme" on the UV Index Scale. And as if that's not bad enough, bright surfaces like sand and water can reflect UV rays and increase UV exposure—beach lovers, you've been warned.

To find out the UV index at any given time, download the Ultraviolet ~ UV Index app on the App Store or check Once you know that, consult this handy chart to learn what each level means, as well as your course of action given a specific rating.

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