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This Is The Right Way To Wash Your Vagina

Put the douche down.
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ICYDK, vaginas contain healthy bacteria that allow them to self-clean. But this doesn't mean you can't help them out to keep them in tip-top shape! Check out our tips on the proper way of cleansing your Vs. 

  1. Say "no" to douching.

    Yes, using a douche can make you feel *squeaky clean* because they "wash out everything in the vagina, including the healthy bacteria." If done regularly, douches may increase your risk of contracting infections since there are no bacteria to protect your cooch.

  2. Wash with plain soap and water.

    Perfumed vaginal soaps can disrupt your V's pH balance. To keep things safe and irritation-free, always wash the labia and vulva with a plain or unscented wash and warm water. 

  3. Wipe front-to-back.

    This may be TMI, but your feces contains all sorts of bacteria that if they were to get smeared over your vagina and urethra, you could get a UTI. So ladies, remember to always wipe front-to-back.

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  4. Avoid scrubbing.

    Your skin down there is already sensitive, so you wouldn't want to create unnecessary irritation, right?

  5. Always pat it dry after washing.

    Excess moisture in your vagina can become a breeding ground for a yeast infection. To avoid this, gently pat your groin with a towel after washing it! [Via Hello Giggles]

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  6. Wash it once a day.

    Doing this, especially when you're on your period, will keep your vagina's pH levels happy and balanced.

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