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Want Milky-White Skin? Reverse Tanning Is A Beauty Thing Now

It's a really big deal in Korea.

With Korean women known for their super fair skin, you’d think tanning salons would never be a hit in Korea. But, in recent years, “white tanning”—or red-light therapy salons started opening, and women are loving it.

American tanning salons use UV lights to increase melanin production. Reverse tanning salons, on the other hand, use infrared lights. This means that no tanning or whitening really happens, but the process helps improve skin tone anyway.

NASA is actually behind the technology, as it was originally developed for healing wounds in space. “The long wavelength of infrared light allows it to penetrate deep into the dermis and energize fibroblast cells, which boosts collagen and elastin production,” according to Refinery29.

Joyce Kong of Refinery29 tried the 20-minute procedure and wrote about it, saying, “It takes at least five visits for the therapy to get collagen and elastin production going and at least 10 to start seeing results.” Women who try the procedure are also given lotions to allegedly boost the efficacy of the process, but no one's entirely sure if those really work. “The process isn’t at all painful as it's a slightly warm sensation, but it is weird. It feels pretty vulnerable to be bombarded with scary red rays while standing naked in a coffin-like container,” she writes.


What do you think, CGs? Would you try reverse tanning?

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