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Want Whiter Teeth? Here's What To Do


Bring out the baking soda.
Baking soda may be considered a kitchen staple, but it can actually be a great ingredient for a number of beauty hacks. In fact, it’s a handy product that can help you score whiter teeth. Just be careful not to use too much baking soda so you don’t end up damaging your enamel (the part that covers the crown of your tooth). 

How to do it: Mix several teaspoons of baking soda with enough fresh lemon juice (or water) to make a paste. Put a good amount of paste onto your toothbrush and apply. Leave the paste on for a minute, then rinse, so as to avoid the acid affecting the enamel. No lemons at home? No problem. Just use baking soda as how you would use toothpaste. 

Munch on celery, apples, pears, and carrots.
Eating certain fruits and vegetables can actually whiten your teeth. Surprised? The crispy, crunchy texture helps remove plaque and even prevents its buildup. These food items act like whitening agents on the teeth because they wipe away bacteria via saliva stimulation. 

Resist the urge to puff a stick.
Think twice before reaching for that stick and lighter. Smoking can and will stain your teeth because of the nicotine and tar content in the tobacco. Some people have even complained that their teeth have turned brown over the years due to smoking. Yikes! 

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