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WATCH: These Pimple-Popping Videos Are Gross But Also Quite Satisfying



Pimple popping is one of the most common guilty pleasures people have. Even though we’re well aware that doing this regularly by ourselves could lead to possible infections, people still keep doing it because it’s honestly quite satisfying.

That’s probably why people have been so hooked on pimple-popping videos by dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee. Dr. Lee, who is also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, posts clips of her various operations wherein she expels puss, blood, and other nasty liquids from the cysts and pimples of her patients.  

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Warning: these clips might not be for people who have low tolerance for anything gross.

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On her YouTube page, she posts longer clips of her procedures:

If you made it through this article without gagging, congrats! Bet you want to see more!

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