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Oh No! Drinking Water Doesn't Actually Hydrate Your Skin

We've been living a lie!
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Ask any woman how she keeps her skin *glowing*, and in addition to mentioning proper diet and exercise, she'll say that she drinks a lot of water, too. But the truth isbrace yourselvesdrinking water to hydrate your skin is apparently a common MYTH, according to skincare gurus Marie Veronique and Kristina Holey. Yup, it's not true, CGs!

While you should still drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day, according to Byrdie, there's little to no research that supports the idea that drinking a lot of water makes your skin more moisturized. BUT drinking less can still have a negative impact on your skin—loss of collagen and elasticity, we're looking at you.

So make sure you still drink enough water every day! And if your complexion is feeling dry or dehydrated, why not give one of these 10 moisturizers a go? 

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