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We Tried This Crazy Foot Peeling Mask To Get Rid Of Dead Skin

Is it better than a foot spa?
PHOTO: Mixi Ignacio

Have you heard of the Baby Foot Peel? According to TONS of beauty reviews on the web, this Japanese innovation promises to lift calluses and reveal soft, smooth feet. What makes it crazy popular is that you'll actually see flakes of dead skin peeling off. And because our battered tootsies were dying for a makeover, we tried it out to see the results.


Lifestyle: I love sneakers and block-heeled sandals, and I like to walk barefoot at home.

Current feet status: Callused and abused

After soaking my feet in the mask for 20 minutes, they immediately felt different: Tight and rubbery. According to the box, one can see it action on the third day. My feet were callused, so I was excited to see when the dead skin would start to peel off.

On the morning of the fourth day, I was disappointed because my feet showed no signs of gross flakes, but everything changed on that evening. I saw a bubble made of dead skin forming on both of my heels, and the thick buildup on my cuticles was beginning to fall off! More peeling continued on for a week—I had to wear closed shoes the whole time.

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Lifestyle: I love sneakers and flats, and I'm lucky that I don't have any callouses or other feet problems.

Current feet status: Dry AF

I wore the mask for an hour and for some reason my dog hated how it looked—LOL. But anyway, when I washed it off my feet instantly felt smoother.

It started to "shed" on the fourth day. After taking a warm shower, I noticed that something felt off with the way I was standing. So when I looked down, whoa, there was a huge piece of loose skin starting to come off my foot. It was like that for the next two days. But on the third, it wasn't peeling as much anymore which made me sad because I was expecting more. 

I'd love to do it again, though, and this time leave the mask on for more than an hour! Maybe I'd get more peeling action. 

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It did get rid of thick dead skin buildup! Although there were days when we couldn't wear sandals, it didn't matter because our feet felt brand new and super soft after—like a baby's! We believe it peeled off more than what a foot spa can achieve. We liked it so much that we recommended Baby Foot to our friends.

Baby Foot is available at Beauty Bar for P830.

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