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What To Do With The Extra Essence From Your Sheet Mask

Have you ever considered using them on your boobs?
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Sheet masks are not created equally. There are terrible ones that are barely soaked in essence, they dry on your face in a matter of minutes. And then there are those ~*amazing*~ masks that are practically dripping in liquid goodness, allowing them to be left on the face longer for your skin to absorb every single drop. Still, it’s difficult to get all that leftover essence on your face—unless you try out this hack, of course.

Over on the Asian Beauty Reddit, we found some tips to consider in your efforts to use up all the extra sheet mask essence left in the packet.

1. "Try storing your sheet masks horizontally instead of vertically. I find I have a lot less leftover essence that way because it soaks into the sheet evenly instead of pooling at the bottom of the pouch." – TeaLeavesAndTweed

2. "Usually I swipe it over the boobage. ATM it goes on the baby bump—7 months gone and no itching or tightness so far." – mommamagoo

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3. "For hygienic reasons I don't store the left over essence for later. As soon as I've placed and adjusted the mask on my face, I pat in the essence that is left on my hands onto my neck. I then empty the packet onto my hand and distribute the essence all over my chest, décolletage, arms, and hands.

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After having the mask on my face for 15-20 min I place the mask on my neck (I have to do this while lying down) for 5min and THEN I squeeze the mask out and rub the essence into my elbows, arms, and hands.

I don't know if this all sounds gross but I find that most masks have sooo much essence and I don't want it to go to waste." – Oxca

4. "Please don't start decanting and using the essence at a later date (a popular suggestion on this sub).

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Sheet mask essence is meant to be used when the package is first opened—NOT over the course of several days.

Ideally, the package has very little essence left after the mask has been removed." – ShytMask

5. "My mom actually just gave me a good idea: to dip the used sheet mask back into the left over essence and rub all over." – ilovetrixiemattel

6. "Either use it all over my body or drop one of those dry cotton masks you can buy (either compressed or just regular ones that come in a huge stack) and use the next day. Sometimes my mom will snatch it and use it later the same day, which I'm totally good with. :)” – jangzonrice

7. "I drop a round cotton pad, seal it with those snack sealer snap-ons, and leave it in fridge overnight. I then use the essence-soaked pads in the AM next day." – mamukizzy

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