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Help! I Burned Myself With My Hair Iron!

Do not panic.

No, seriously. Head straight to the bathroom and run cool water over the affected area for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Doing so will help prevent inflammation and scarring in the future. Then, take a wash cloth—pre-dipped in cold water—and hold it against the affected area. 

Using a cotton swab, apply an anti-bacterial ointment on the burned skin. Be sure to put a Band-Aid or a sterile gauze pad to cover it as well. While your burn is healing, don’t even think about applying makeup, scented lotion, or any fragrances on the area, as those may make things worse. Also, avoid touching the skin too much, because you might end up infecting it. Let it heal completely. COMPLETELY!

Before you go to bed, clean the area with a very mild soap to disinfect it. And don’t forget to apply your anti-bacterial ointment after.

Don't scratch it.
We know it will itch like a bitch, but don't touch it. Once your burn starts to heal, you can apply aloe vera gel to help cool the area off. Or, use a gentle, unscented lotion to keep the area moisturized. 


Use an anti-scar cream.
Once your burn has completely healed, go ahead and apply your trusty anti-peklat cream. It will help your scar shrink and fade away faster, and no one needs to know about your boo-boo.

Be extra careful.
We all know that ~*beauty is pain*~ but it doesn’t literally have to be! Be sure to be extra careful when you’re working with a hot tool, especially since you use it so near your face. 

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