These White Accent Tattoos Deserve Your Attention

Make way for white ink!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/saegeemtattoo, (RIGHT) Instagram/saegeemtattoo

Just like in paintings, the color white adds dimension to tattoos. Whether you opt for something black, cartoon-y, or watercolor ink, a white accent will make everything pop. Also, this touch make the tatt look realistic. Here are some of our faves:

  1. Can you see the cats' ears?

  2. A doodled white heart tattoo on a pastel rainbow background sure is pretty.

  3. The tiny white dots on this whale tatt make everything look realistic.

  4. This black poodle is extra eye-catching!

  5. This ruby heart jewel and pearl almost look like the real thing.

  6. The cherries look extra shiny here. 

  7. A symbolic tattoo like this would be extra mysterious because of its black-and-white color.

  8. The sky tatt is like a watercolor painting.

  9. You don't really need a pendant when you have this flower tatt.

  10. Now this makes a statement!

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