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Why Long Lashes Aren't Exactly Good For You

Science says so.

From lash extensions to mascaras that promise to double the length of your lashes—it’s no secret that women are obsessed with long fringes (they help with flirting, duh). But new research suggests that longer isn’t actually better for your eye health.

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology found that 22 mammals—humans included—all have lashes that are one third the width of their eye. After building and testing several eye models with different lash lengths, it was found that the model with extra-long lashes forced more dirt and air directly into the eyes. On the other hand, the one with lashes that were one-third the width of the eye effectively protected peepers from dirt, dust and other particles.

This probably explains why your eyes feel a little dryer when you put on falsies. While they can make your eyes look fabulous, they might actually be wreaking havoc on your health.


So what do you do now? While we're not saying don't get eyelash extensions (hey, it's not our fault they're pretty!), this news might make you want to rethink getting your lashes done. In the meantime, may we suggest y'all stick to lengthening and volumzing mascaras for daily use first?

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