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Why The Geneo Facial Is A Beauty Miracle

No more zit extraction! No more pain! No more red blotchy spots!

Hate getting your whiteheads, blackheads, and zits extracted during a facial because it hurts? What if we told you we tried a facial that will gently exfoliate your skin—minus the super painful extraction? We couldn't believe it either, but after trying the Geneo Facial at the new Aivee Clinic inside the Mega Fashion Hall, we became converts.

The breakthrough 45-minute procedure is a beauty miracle for a couple of reasons: The Geneo machine they use on your face exfoliates, softens fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pore size, AND gives you a healthy post-facial glow (the non-blotchy kind, you know). That's because the treatment  triggers your body to send oxygen to the face—making everything super natural and effective.

The procedure uses the most advanced radio-frequency technology, which means it actually contours your face to make it tighter. In turn, your wrinkles get smoothened out, and you get to go home looking like a total rockstar.


You can opt to get your zits extracted. But the process is practically painless, because the facialists are THAT good. They'll also wrap you up in a warm, fluffy blanket, which is honestly the best thing ever.

There's zero downtime, but the aesthetician warned us not to wet our face until the next day. They'll slather you with anti-aging creams afterwards, so you'll look a little oilier than usual. Best to schedule this on a weekend, when you have absolutely nothing planned after. 

We have to warn you though: This facial isn't cheap. P6,000 seems like such a big amount to pay, but the results are instant—and they last.

For appointments and inquiries, please call 642-4833/0917-871-9500

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