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Why You Shouldn't Rub Your Wrists Together After Spraying Perfume

You lose the scent!

Here's a bad beauty habit you probably didn't know you were committing: Rubbing your wrists together after spraying pabango. That action removes the top notes of your perfume, leaving you with the middle and base notes, so you don't get the full scent. Instead, let it air dry, so it'll last you the whole day.

On the lookout for a new signature scent, and you're kind of digging your best friend's perfume? Before heading to the beauty counters and getting yourself a bottle, make sure you spray it on your skin first. Perfume can smell differently—depending on who's wearing it—because our body temperature can change how something smells when it touches the skin. It can smell all fruity-floral on your BFF, but a little woody on you (trust us, it happens).

Oh, and instead of spraying it on your pulse points, why not spray it on the ends of your hair, too!

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