This Girl Spent $15K On Plastic Surgery So She'll Look Good In Selfies


Would you spend $15,000 on plastic surgery to achieve the perfect selfie? Apparently, some people are willing to do so.

A 39-year-old woman named Triana Lavey chose to go under the knife because she didn’t like how she looked on screen when she used Skype and Facebook. She was also fond of using editing apps like Perfect365 to digitally alter her face before posting them online—practical, but still time-consuming. So, her solution: plastic surgery. She acknowledges that it’s a radical step, but she has no regrets. She shared, “I now have the face that I always thought that I had. I look like myself, but Photoshopped.”

She also expressed her thoughts on the role of selfies in society: “Today this business is moving at the speed of the Internet. Your selfie is your head shot so you can reinvent yourself every day with your iPhone. It’s a legitimate form of promoting yourself.”

Okay, noted. Thoughts?


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