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You'll Probably Freak Out When You See This Victoria's Secret Ad

'Man, why cant they just leave photos alone?'

Victoria's Secret has a lot of explaining to do! Their new underwear campaign is going viral on the Internet because there seems to be some weird Photoshop voodoo happening.

The underwear brand posted a picture on their Facebook account of some new mesh-back lingerie with the caption "Truly. Madly. Cheeky." Except…it's the cheeks that are the problem. Well, part of it.


Followers have pointed out that the model seems to have lost (or gained) a butt cheek. While one cheek features a crease, the other doesn't. Maybe that's just the way her butt happens to look, but people aren't convinced.

Comments quickly flooded in, saying, "I don't think you can call it 'cheeky' if she only has 1 cheek" and "'Truly. Madly. Cheeky.' *Removes cheeks*" Others said it was a "horrible example of photoshop" and argued that her thigh gap had been slimmed down so much, she almost looked "bow legged."

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But it wasn't just the butt-region being scrutinized, since some also mentioned that the shape of her left bicep doesn't really correspond with the shadow underneath it. "Is it just me or does her left arm look weirdly photoshopped?" and "They've shopped the poor girls arms so long, that if she were to put them down, the fingertips would be about an inch above her knee."

All we can say is we kind of hope they really have messed up with the Photoshop, because model or not, it can't be particularly nice reading such intense scrutiny of your naked body. What if that is her actual super smooth, creaseless butt or body and everyone is ripping it to pieces and calling it "freakish?" As long as she's happy and healthy, we're sure she's gorgeous—butt crease or none.


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