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10 Small Mirror Selfie Poses To Try When No One Can Take Cute Pics Of You

Super easy!
small mirror selfie ideas
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/blythe, Instagram/ashleycolet

I don't know about you, but the only thing I'm relying on cute selfies is a good mirror. While some are lucky enough to own a full-length mirror, I live in a tiny space that can only fit on my desk or on top of a drawer. Since I needed ideas, I spied on celebs and influencers to see how they're working it with a small mirror. I'm happy to report that I've found the cutest poses! Check them all out below:

Small Mirror Selfie Poses To Try, As Seen On Celebrities

  1. Andrea Brillantes

    We love how she mixed white and red elements in this pic.

    small mirror selfie: Andrea Brillantes
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  2. Ashley Colet

    That highlighter tho.

    small mirror selfie: Ashley Colet
  3. Ry Velasco

    Who says you can't take OOTDs using small mirrors?

    small mirror selfie: Ry Velasco
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  4. Angel Dei

    Match your case's details with the mirror.

    small mirror selfie: Angel Dei
  5. Ylona Garcia

    Here's a legit shy girl-approved pose.

    small mirror selfie: Ylona Garcia
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  6. Mari Jasmine

    See a mirror? Take an OOTD selfie!

    small mirror selfie: Mari Jasmine
  7. Nadine Lustre

    Even a compact mirror can help you get an aesthetic selfie.

    small mirror selfie: Nadine Lustre
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  8. Chie Filomeno

    Here's a low-key way to do a sexy pose.

    small mirror selfie: Chie Filomeno

  9. Sofia Andres

    Here's proof that even the mirror in a car visor can be used to take a cute selfie.

    small mirror selfie: Sofia Andres
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  10. Sue Ramirez


    small mirror selfie: Sue Ramirez

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