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20 Summer Nail Trends 2020 That You'll Want To Try ASAP

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I legit can't stop thinking about summer. TBH, it's on my mind all the time. It's truly the best time of the year. And one of my favorite parts about the summer season (other than drinking rosé on rooftops with my friends) is that it's the perfect time to experiment with your nails. IDK, something about summer makes me want to rock the brightest neons and try out all the coolest prints. Summer 2020's nail trends are all about doing the absolute most. And because it's never too early to start planning your summer nails, I stalked Insta to find 20 nail art ideas that will definitely be trending this summer.

  1. This Glitter Tips Nail Trend

    Forget a classic French mani and go for glitter tips instead. They add a fun touch of sparkle without completely overpowering your look like a full-on glitter nail would.

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  2. This Black Stars Nail Trend

    Getting stars painted on your nails isn't anything new, but pair black stars with a clear base coat and you'll end up with a dope, eye-catching mani.

  3. This Seaglass Nail Trend

    Seaglass nails are basically like jelly nails, except instead of using a shiny top coat, you use a matte one. So cute, right?

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  4. This Pastel Nail Trend

    TBH, pastel nails will never not be on-trend. Instead of just picking one pastel color, paint all your nails a different shade—it's super cute.

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  5. This Multi-Colored Nail Trend

    I'm legit always torn between two shades whenever I paint my nails, but with this trend, you never have to choose #blessed.

  6. This Neon Flame Nail Trend

    How dope is this nail art? These neon flames are a sure way to make your mani stand out in a crowd.

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  7. This Festive Nail Trend

    Idk about you, but the thought of summer immediately got me in a festive mood. And what's more festive than confetti nails? I'm definitely going to rock these to every single party this summer. 

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  8. This Black and White Spotted Nail Trend

    The different sized dots, different colored base coats, and the negative space all make this black and white spotted mani extra unique.

  9. This Logo Nail Trend

    Logomania has been trending in fashion for a while, and now it's entering the beauty space. If you can't get an LV bag rn, these nails are the next best thing.

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  10. This Mix-Match Nail Trend

    Why pick one nail design when you can have them all? Pick your five favorite nail art designs and get one painted on each finger—so cute, right?

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  11. This Animal Print Nail Trend

    Instead of going for the basic brown or neutral animal print mani, opt for bold and bright colors to fill in your spots.

  12. This Negative Space Nail Trend

    This negative space nail trend has been all over my feed recently...and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. It's a dope twist on your average mani.

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  13. This Halo Nail Trend

    It's super easy to rock this halo nail trend—just swipe on a neutral base coat and then paint the perimeter of your nail any color you want.

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  14. This Reverse French Mani Nail Trend

    Take your French mani and flip it upside down to recreate this unique nail art look. It's sooo fun and you'll probs be the first in your friend group to try it out.

  15. This Chrome Nail Trend

    Chrome nails give you a high-shine, mirror-like finish that will instantly take your manicure to the next level.

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  16. This Splattered Neon Nail Trend

    This tennis-ball colored mani is a fun, unique twist on your all-over neon nail. It's pretty labor-intensive (you have to glue on teeny-tiny neon glitters on your nail), but it's so worth it IMO.

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  17. This Glitter Star Nail Trend

    This is another perfect option if you want some sparkle on your nails, but don't want to do a full-on glitter nail.

  18. This Tropical Nail Trend

    You know what's less expensive than taking an actual tropical vacay? Getting one painted on your nails. I'm obsessed with this pink and green mani, and it gives off major summer vibes.

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  19. This Wavy Line Nail Trend

    Wait, are you still getting straight, horizontal lines on your nails? It's time to switch it up—go for thick, wavy lines instead (they look way cooler).

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  20. This Ombré Nail Trend

    Take the ombré hair trend you've seen everywhere and bring it to your fingertips with this unique summer nail art design. 


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