Tati Westbrook Just Addressed All The Drama Surrounding The 'Blendiful' Launch

'This isn't a cash grab, I haven't made a dime from Tati Beauty.'
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Tati Westbrook recently posted a video on her YouTube channel addressing the drama and supposed controversy surrounding the launch of her latest Tati Beauty product.

After the incredible success of her Textured Neutrals palette, Tati announced the launch of Blendiful back in January. It's a makeup puff that can be used with liquid, cream, and powder products all at once, replacing all your other complexion tools.

Shortly after Blendiful's launch, some customers started complaining about their puffs ripping after use, or when washed in the washing machine—an issue that was picked up by several YouTube drama channels and media outlets.

"I want to make it widely, no, loudly known, that this [The Blendiful] is not a recalled product, it's not a bad product and there are no major issues with the Blendiful," Tati began.

"We've sold over 100,000 Blendifuls, less than one percent have been affected and have needed customer assistance," she continued. "When you hop onto social media, we are conditioned to just look at the negative and we think the negative is the dominating factor, but with this, it absolutely is not."

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Explaining how damaging unfounded negative reviews can be to her brand, Tati accused some social media users of lying about their experience in order to gain clout, after she began to reach out to people personally via social media and they either did not respond or claimed that there was no longer a problem.

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In fact, Tati used the example of her sell-out Textured Neutrals eyeshadow palette to explain just how few actual complaints she had received regarding her latest launch.

"Just so you guys have some perspective, the numbers and the percentage of what we had to make right and assist with customers for one reason or another, whether it was a palette that got broken in transit or a shade that was not in the right spot. Whatever it may be, we had to assist double what we've had to assist with the Blendiful, yet you didn't see any stories popping up online about the Textured Neutrals Volume 1 palette being a cash grab, being faulty, needing to be recalled, that a statement needed to be made, there was none of that."

Finally, silencing the people accusing her of only caring about making a profit, Tati added, "This isn't a cash grab, I haven't made a dime from Tati Beauty."

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"The company to date has made $15,000,000 (P761,557,500) from sales. We have paid taxes and poured everything back into creating, researching, developing new products, and ordering materials.

"I'm building this to be a dream brand for you guys and myself. This is a legacy to me and this is the big dream to me, so it is in no way shape or form a cash grab. I am not making money from this, I have not made money from this and it's going to be a long time before I do, because I really want to develop, build and grow the right way."

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Just one of the reasons we love her.

Watch Tati's full video below:

BLENDIFUL DRAMA ... Product Recall, Gossip & Tutorial


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