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Tati Westbrook’s Net Worth Is Giant, Thanks To Last Year's Beauty Vlogger Drama

I. Am. Shaken.
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Things you could do tonight: Watch Netflix and wander around your living room pants-less. Check Twitter and ruin your entire evening (don't! do! it!). Or, special option number three, start a YouTube channel so you can quit your job and become a full-time influencer. Your inspiration in this exciting venture? That would be beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook, who is, to put it bluntly, rich as f*ck.

Tati has spent years perfecting her ~personal brand~ and becoming one of the leading voices in beauty vlogging—and last year's truly insane drama between her and James Charles only added to her bank account.

The drama, which I am literally too emotionally exhausted to discuss in detail, started after James Charles teamed up with SugarBearHair vitamins at Coachella, a rival brand of Tati’s very own Halo Beauty. This resulted in Tati dragging James all over the internet, which in turn lead to her YouTube subscriber count almost doubling. And that, my friend, had a verrrrry positive impact on her whole situation. Let's look at how her bank account is doing now.

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'Kay, here's the deal with Tati's YouTube money.

So, this is truly wild. Before the drama with James, Tati had about five million YouTube subscribers. And now? Now she has just shy of 10 million. This essentially doubles the amount of money she’s making from YouTube—and while we don’t know exactly how much that is, it’s pretty easy to figure out using a combination of fifth-grade math and basic sleuthing.

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Many factors go into YouTube’s payment structure, but at the end of the day, more subscribers = more ad revenue. And more ad revenue = more money.

To figure out approximately how much Tati makes, we can look to YouTuber Ryan ToysReview. In March 2019, Forbes reported that Ryan had an annual income of $22 million (roughly P1.12 billion) with around 18 million subscribers, which is just about twice as many subscribers as Tati has. So if we use that benchmark to ~approximate~, I’d say Tati’s earning potential is around nine million dollars (approximately P458 million) for her channel.

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But, there's also Instagram to think of!

Like so many brave influencers before her, Tati lives that #SponCon life on Instagram. However, with “only” almost three million followers, she doesn’t make nearly as much money per sponsored post as someone like James Charles, who, with 16 million followers, can rack in about $37,400 (roughly P1.9 million) per post, according to Hopper.

So yeah, it's unclear exactly what Tati earns per post, but let’s assume it’s decent so we can move on to the topic on everyone’s mind: HAIR VITAMINS.

Tati's vitamin company seems to be doing decently... maybe?

As I mentioned, last year's drama between James and Tati started over hair vitamins. Tati has her very own company called Halo Beauty that sells little jars of hot-pink vitamins for around $39 (P1,986).

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And Tati also recently started selling makeup! Her profits are pretty hush-hush, but I feel pretty confident saying that they must positively impact her overall net worth! Right? Right.

So what's Tati's total net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, it’s hovering right around six million dollars (P305 million). But expect this number to steadily increase as Tati earns more followers. On that note, don't forget to like and subscribe, lolz.


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