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6 Things In A 'That Girl' Beauty Routine You Should Never Skip

Even beauty girls got chores.
'That Girl' Productive Weekend Beauty Routine
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There are three types of weekends: 1) a day of rest, 2) a day to dine out or shop, and 3) a day of chores. A weekend of sleeping in or dining out may interchange, but doing chores on your free day is a non-negotiable. No one could ever evade adulting. Paying the bills, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, or maybe meal-prepping.

Similar to the errands we mentioned, our "that girl" beauty routines also call for chores. These chores, although unpretty or not ~aesthetic~, are necessary to help us reach our skincare and hair goals. (If you're looking for a self-care skincare routine, head to this story.)

Capricorns and Virgos may have already been nailing these beauty chores, but to my fellow Sagittarius girls who just like to ~wing it~, fear not. Here's a short to-do list of beauty chores you should schedule on weekends.


'That Girl' Routine: Beauty Chores For Healthy Hair And Glowing Skin

Clean your makeup brushes

Dirty brushes = breakouts. There's no other way to say it. Take time to wash your makeup brushes once a week. You need to get rid of makeup, oil, and #deadskin buildup on the bristles. If you skip this, your skin may become infected. There's a Pinay content creator who revealed she got ringworm from using dirty makeup brushes. Yikes!

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Exfoliate your skin

Your skin needs a reset, and an exfoliating product is what will get the job done. When you exfoliate your skin, you lift dead skin buildup and reveal a smoother skin surface. Makeup glides better and skincare products seep into the skin much faster. This habit when done regularly uncovers a glowing complexion. You can try a gentle face scrub or go for a chemical exfoliant.

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Wash with a clarifying shampoo

Like your skin, the scalp and hair require a reboot. The tresses and scalp collect buildup from styling products, dead skin, and oil. When you wash with a clarifying shampoo, it lifts all the gunk, so you'll be left with bouncy hair.

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Soak your tresses with a pre-shampoo treatment

Clarifying shampoo can dry out the hair so you can bring back the moisture with a pre-shampoo treatment the next day. This genius formula helps prevents damage and makes your tresses stronger and healthier-looking after just one use.

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Change your sheets

Remember the dangers of using dirty makeup brushes? The same logic goes for sleeping in dirty pillowcases and bedding. Some gross things that happen when we skip this step: Breakouts, bed bug bites, rashes, and body odor. Message received? Good.


Everyone's favorite step! The best way to recharge is to get your zzz's in. When you get enough sleep, you think clearly, you're less moody, and your immune system is in top shape. Another plus? You get glowing skin. The body produces collagen while you sleep, a component that is crucial for that healthy, plump appearance. Your eyes will look brighter when you're well-rested, too. Out of all the beauty tips, sleep is one thing that doesn't cost a thing, so PLEASE, enjoy every minute of it.

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