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These Working Pinays Swear By These ~Holy Grail~ Beauty Items

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Here’s an unspoken rule in shopping: When you come across a product that totally gets you, you never let it go. You never replace it with something else. The beauty world refers to it as finding a Holy Grail product. To merit that status, a product must have been tried and tested numerous times with effective results. See which beauty goodies these five Pinays are invested in:

1. An Oil-Controlling Makeup Primer

"My Holy Grail beauty product is an oil-controlling makeup primer. It reduces oiliness and makes my face look fresh. I also love how it holds my makeup together for hours." Monique, assistant marketing manager

2. A Bacteria-Resistant Makeup Sponge

"My Holy Grail product is a bacteria-resistant makeup sponge. It prevents bacteria and mold from accumulating too much. It’s also my preferred tool in applying makeup because foundation and BB creams seem to have a smoother finish with it." Jen, editor

3. A Tried-And-Tested Eyelash Curler

"I swear by my go-to eyelash curler. I’ve been using it since I first got into makeup over a decade ago, and I never considered switching to anything else! I have stick-straight lashes, but this curls them in a nice and natural-looking way. It is also pretty sturdy and lasts long. I don’t feel guilty about the price tag!" Carla, merchandiser

4. A Flattering And Non-Drying Lippie

"Easy! It has to be my matte lipstick. I like how it doesn’t feel dry at all. It goes on smoothly, and I can wear it comfortably for hours without flaking." Michelle, clothing brand owner

5. The Ultimate Deodorant For Underarm Care

"I’m a huge fan of dry serum deodorant. It dries almost instantly so I never have to wait around. What really makes it my Holy Grail item is the fact that I can actually SEE results! My armpits feel smoother and softer, appear brighter and more even-toned, and generally just look the best they’ve ever been." Kat, hotel concierge

Care to share your own favorites that you swear by?

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