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A Beauty Merchandiser In Paris Didn't Know She Was Talking To Dr. Vicki Belo

'You know Vicki Belo? She is actually very famous in the Philippines.'
PHOTO: instagram/victoria_belo

Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho just found themselves in a really awkward moment while in Paris, which at the same time proves just how popular she is in the beauty industry globally!

The two were in the most romantic city in the world for this year's IMCAS World Congress, a convention on all things dermatology and plastic surgery-related. While browsing through the different merchants, the couple took an interest in a specific product, the Perfecto X, as they were approached by the merchandiser in charge. The lady started to demonstrate how the product is used, with Vicki as her subject. While talking about the product's specs, she said, "You know, in the Philippines, Vicki Belo?" 

Vicki, not knowing how to react, simply replied, "Who? Vicki Belo? Yes, I know her."

"I've heard a lot about her... She used this machine already in her clinic," the lady continued while rubbing the infrared-slash-LED product on Vicki's skin.

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"Ooh," Vicki responded. Hayden, who's been playing witness to this whole charade, was smiling on the sidelines and trying not to laugh.

The lady then added, "She is actually very famous in the Philippines. She has many clinics and she uses our product as well... She's very famous there."

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Hayden, who at this point, has probably had enough of the funny charade, finally said, "You know what we'll do? We'll go [to] the Philippines, we'll go to Belo, go to Vicki Belo and ask her about the procedure...

"That's Vicki Belo," he pointed to his wife and smiled. 

The merchandiser, who initially couldn't hide her surprise, got over her disbelief pretty quickly. "You're Vicki Belo?" she said excitedly. 

Dr. Vicki introduced herself and showed her event ID for proof. "Yeah, see, look, my name is Victoria Belo," she said.

The celebrity doctor finally agreed to buy the device, which means the merchandiser can now really claim that it's Vicki Belo-approved. She was able to meet the famous doctor in the flesh and secure a sale, plus her product, Perfecto X, got free PR. What a lucky lady!

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