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Vivoree Esclito Recalls Feeling Insecure About Being 'Mabalbon'

'Pinupuna po talaga ako sa pagiging super mabalbon ko.'
vivoree esclito
PHOTO: Instagram/vivoree

Although many people assume that celebrities feel confident with their looks, these artists harbor their own insecurities as well. For example, rising Gen Z star Vivoree Esclito recently opened up about getting criticized for having hairy arms and thick eyebrows. 

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"Pinupuna po talaga ako sa pagiging super mabalbon ko. Mabuhok ako from my legs, my arms, my face. Lalo na sa face ko kasi hindi nga po usual sa mga babae na may makapal 'yung kilay, tapos makapal 'yung hair dito," she divulged in her latest Magandang Buhay guesting when asked to discuss her lack of confidence. 

"Super naapektuhan ako lalo na noong bata po ako kasi siyempre, as a kid, talagang very sensitive po ako 'tsaka mababa po 'yung self-esteem ko," she added. "Every time po na nakakatanggap ako ng mga ganoong klaseng pamumuna, nasasaktan ako at mas lalo talaga akong nawawalan ng confidence kaya ilag ako sa tao." 


At some point, Vivoree even convinced herself into thinking that everyone was out to judge her physical appearance: "Feeling ko lahat ng mga matang nakatingin sa'kin jinu-judge ako. Feeling ko hindi ako tanggap ng society just because I'm very mabalbon." 

Now 22 years old, Vivoree is trying her best to love herself unconditionally despite all the bashers and naysayers. Still, the actress acknowledges that reaching self-acceptance is a long and arduous journey. "It's a process po talaga for me. Matagal ko pong tinanggap at minahal talaga 'yung sarili ko nang buo. As I grew older, nag-mature ako, nag-iba 'yung pag-iisip ko," she explained. 

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Expressing gratitude to her fans and loved ones, she added, "Ako mismo 'yung nag-li-lift din sa sarili ko and with the help of the people around me. Importante kasi that you surround yourself who will accept you for who you are, who will understand you, who will support you, who will love you completely."

Vivoree also makes it a point to remind herself that she's an inspiration to fellow girls her age. "Lagi kong iniisip na andito ako, nilagay ako ni Lord for a purpose, for a reason. That is to inspire people and to make them feel seen, feel heard. If kilala mo talaga 'yung sarili mo and tanggap mo 'yung sarili mo, walang kahit ano or kahit sino na makakapag-bring down sa'yo," she concluded. 

Stay strong, Vivoree! 

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