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Where To Buy The Beauty Stick That You *Always* See In K-Dramas

It appeared in 'The King: Eternal Monarch' and 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'!
Where To Buy The KAHI Multi-Balm
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Extraordinary Attorney Woo/ENA, INSTAGRAM/kahi_official

South Korea always comes up with the most innovative skincare. And if you're a big K-drama fan like the rest of us, then for sure you're also curious about that beauty product that's seemingly featured in most dramas lately. You know what we're talking about—that little blush pink tube that characters seem to be carrying in their pockets wherever they go then gliding it onto their face whenever it's convenient for the storyline.

What's that beauty stick that actresses are always using in K-dramas?

That small pink beauty stick that K-drama celebs, particularly the leading ladies, have been swiping all over their faces in random scenes is by Korean brand Kahi Seoul. We first spotted it being used by Kim Go Eun in The King: Eternal Monarch. The actress, who's also the brand's ambassador, featured it again in another product placement for her latest drama Yumi's Cells. And recently, while we've been binge-watching our newest K-drama obsession aka Extraordinary Attorney Woo, we saw it a few times more being used for a quick touch-up by Choi Suyeon (Ha Yoon Kyung) and Dong Geu Rami (Joo Hyun Young). 


It goes without saying, this beauty product seems to be everywhere! In fact, viewers are already reportedly "complaining" about the multi-balm appearing in almost every K-drama. LOL!

Kahi Seoul Wrinkle Bounce Multi-Balm k-drama
Kim Go Eun in "The King: Eternal Monarch"
PHOTO BY netflix
Kahi Seoul Wrinkle Bounce Multi-Balm k-drama
Ha Yoon Kyung in "Extraordinary Attorney Woo"
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Kahi Seoul Wrinkle Bounce Multi-Balm k-drama
Joo Hyun Young in "Extraordinary Attorney Woo"
PHOTO BY Netflix/Extraordinary Attorney Woo

SHOP: Kahi Seoul Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm Beauty Stick

As always, curiosity gets the best of us. We couldn't last another minute not knowing what exactly is that beauty product that's been taking the K-drama world by storm. Lucky you, we've already done our homework and now all you need to do is shop the exact product below!

Kahi Seoul Wrinkle Bounce Multi-Balm 

Wrinkle Bounce Multi-Balm, P1390, KAHI SEOULLazada

Meet the Kahi Seoul Wrinkle Bounce Multi-Balm! The K-drama-famous beauty stick claims to be the perfect on-the-go product to boost your dry, tired, and dull complexion.

Kahi's multi-purpose balm delivers great moisturizing benefits with an added glow, and it's potent with anti-aging properties as well. It boasts of salmon complex, collagen, and Jeju origin oil to initiate skin plumpness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. So once you see lines on your cheeks, lips, eye area, and forehead, you can glide this wonder product onto your skin to make it instantly refreshed and nourished. It also fixes streaks and cakiness from makeup, which makes it a great touch-up product.


You're welcome!


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