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Where To Buy Reusable Nipple Covers If You *Hate* Wearing Bras

They'll be your breast friends (heh).
where to buy nipple covers online philippines
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Hello! Here's a fact about me: I hate wearing bras—especially now that there's really no reason to use one, apart from the few times I had to go out of the house to buy some essentials. I hated every minute I couldn't go bare because my bra just felt like a mesh-and-wire prison for my breasts, and I'm sure many other women feel the same way, too.

Sure, they hold up our ~breast~ friends, but they can feel tight and constricting. Not to mention they also leave annoying marks on our bodies after wearing them for an entire day. The solution to this pesky problem? Nipple covers! I love them because they let me skip wearing a bra without sacrificing coverage—a win-win situation. Interested? Check out the best ones you can buy online:

    Easy Peasy Skinny Nipple Covers

    A favorite of influencer Toni Sia, the skinny nipple covers from Easy Peasy boast up to 120 uses. They come in four different colors (cream, nude, tan, dark), plus they're washable, too!

    Easy Peasy nipple covers

    Easy Peasy Skinny Nipple Covers, P349, Lazada


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    Nippiepop Nipple Covers

    These are the ones you've been seeing all over Instagram, with tons of celebs raving about them and for good reason, too. They offer nipple covers and breast lifters that are made with 100 percent medical-grade silicone for a smooth and seamless stick. They are available in four shades: Vanilla, Honey, Coco, and Espresso. 

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    Nippiepop Nipple Covers

    Nippiepop Nipple Covers, P450, Nippiepop

    Barebone Ultra-Thin Matte Solid Color Nipple Cover

    If you have dark areolas or protruding nipples, Barebone's nipple covers will be your new BFF. They come in solid colors and are 0.005 mm thicker than their semi-transparent variant to ensure more coverage and protection. They are available in three shades (cream, beige, and umber) and two sizes (eight and 10 cm).

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    Barebone Nipple Cover

    Barebone Ultra-Thin Matte Solid Color Nipple Cover (8 cm), P660, Barebone

    Privé Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers

    For those looking for a more affordable option, try Privé's Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers. They promise to be sweat- and waterproof. They stay on for up to 12 hours!

    Prive Fashion Tape Silicone Nipple Covers

    Privé Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers, P185, Shopee


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    Bench Silicon Nipple Tape

    You can't go wrong with this classic, TBH. Bench's nipple tape is great for any type of clothing with sheer fabrics like shirts, tank tops, and gowns. Need another reason to buy it? Julia Barretto *hoards* them whenever she can!

    Bench Silicon Nipple Tape
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    Bench Silicon Nipple Tape, P179.75, SM Megamall

    Dot&Dot Invisifeel Nipple Covers

    Need another option? Check out Dot&Dot's selection of pasties! They currently have three colors: Milk, Cream, and Coffee.


    Dot&Dot Invisifeel Nipple Covers, price available upon request, Dot&Dot Instagram

    Miss Tits Skinvisible Nipple Cover

    Aside from their silicone nipple covers, Miss Tits also offers push-up boob tape in black and tan—two essentials for hubadera girls.


    Miss Tits Skinvisible Nipple Cover, P345, Shopee


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    One of the newer brands on the list, Tapies was introduced to the public on the last week of January 2021. That didn't stop them from racking up thousands of followers since then! They offer super-thin nipple covers that won't be bakat underneath your top. It comes in five shades that suit different Pinay skin tones: Milk, Soy, Oat, Almond, and Espresso. Noboobie gets left behind! ;)

    nipple cover brands: wear tapies

    Tapies Cover-Ups, P299, Lazada


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    If you need another affordable option on the list, Soos has your back. They offer two shades, Skin and Cream. The former is a peachy tone that suits Pinays with fair to medium skin tones. The latter, on the other hand, is thicker and more opaque—perfect for anyone looking for *complete* coverage.

    nipple cover brands: wear soos

    Soos Seamless Nipple Cover, P249, Shopee


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    Bleum Covers

    Bleum Covers' silicone pasties are so seamless, they're virtually undetectable underneath your top! They currently offer three shades: Bone, Sand, and Clay.

    nipple cover brands: bleum covers

    Bleum Covers Seamless Nipple Covers, P249, Shopee


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