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'Human Ken Doll' Toys With The Idea Of Transforming Into 'Barbie'


British socialite Rodrigo Alves, 34, gained notoriety as the "Human Ken Doll." He went through "nose jobs, silicone chest implants, butt lifts and hair implants, among others" to achieve his desired look of plastic perfection, according to More specifically, Alves has had 60 cosmetic surgeries and over 100 aesthetic procedures.

The report notes that in a recent appearance on an Italian show, [Alves] revealed that he wanted to undergo a transformation once more.

Alves was quoted by the Indian Express as saying, "One day when I'm older, I may have a sex change and become a Barbie as my manhood is the only part of my body still untouched by surgeries." states: "His quest to achieving a womanly figure will begin next week, as he is set to travel to Los Angeles to get six of his ribs removed, in order to achieve a thinner waist."

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