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This New Harry Potter Information Will Make You Feel Seriously Sad For Hagrid

The big old friendly giant had it tough, it seems.

The last Harry Potter book might have been released eight years ago (dear GOD we're getting old) but we're still learning new things about HP and his magical clan to this day, thanks to the book series' author, J. K. Rowling.

But the latest dime of info concerns Hagrid, and it's made us feel a bit sad inside, TBH.

Fans of Harry Potter will remember well what the Patronus charm is—it conjures up a mystical guardian which is supposed to represent all of a wizard's happiest feelings. Sweet, really.

Which is why it's a bit bloody gutting to hear that Hagrid; big, old, friendly, wouldn't-hurt-a-fly Hagrid, wasn't able to conjure up his own Patronus spell.

It all came about when a fan tweeted J. K. Rowling to ask what she thought Hagrid's Patronus charm would be, and she replied with THIS devastating blow:

Now, we know J. K. is trying to pass this off as being down to the fact that the spell is fairly complex and Hagrid, bless him, isn't the sharpest tool in the box. But we think we know what's REALLY going on here. Hagrid has no happy memories, not a single one. And for that reason, our hearts are now broken.

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Because if you remember when Harry first learned about the Patronus spell back in book one when he was nothing more than a bespectacled child, Professor Lupin explained how it all worked.

Describing how you conjure your Patronus, Lupin says: "With an incantation, which will work only if you are concentrating, with all your might, on a single, very happy memory."

So there we go. Hagrid can't do the Patronus spell. Hagrid has no happy memories. Hagrid was a big sad man, who lived a sad life, and now so will we (probably).


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