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10 Daring Things Lady Gaga Isn't Afraid To Do

There's a reason this fierce pop star is on the cover of our Daring issue. What makes her fun and fearless? Find out!

Fun, fearless female? Here's a perfect example: Lady Gaga. She's definitely hasn't hesitated to push the envelope of entertainment. What else has she dared to do?

  1. Wear wild getups.

    "Oh my God, what is she wearing?" is a common reaction to Lady Gaga, because she rocks crazy headgear and hairstyles like nobody's business. And her outfits, oh, her outfits! Few others before her have dared to wear the getups she's been seen in!

  2. Prove people wrong.

    To squash all the rumors flying about how she was really a man, Lady Gaga appeared nearly naked in her video for "Telephone" (clad entirely in strategically placed police tape in one scene) to prove that she did not, in fact, have a penis.

  3. Spur on all the rumors, just for fun.

    Just when you think the "Lady Gaga is a man!" buzz has died down completely, the pop star goes and poses as a man in Vogue Hommes Japan—at least the rumors say it’s Lady Gaga. Do you think this is Gaga? We’re not sure, but that profile sure looks familiar!

  4. Champion other people's rights.

    On a serious note, she's unafraid to support the causes she believes in. Lady Gaga has been recognized for speaking up on the tough stuff and campaigning ruthlessly for gay rights.

  5. Walk around in her underwear.

    She just never seems to wear pants. If you remember, she showed up at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport for her Manila show in a tanga and ripped fishnets, and just recently went to a New York Yankees game in just her underwear, stockings, and a Yankees jersey. Can you think of anyone else who would dress like that off the stage? It takes a lot of confidence to strut your stuff in your intimates!

  6. Show the world how talented she really is.

    Lady Gaga shot to fame with her danceable beats and pop hits, but she isn't afraid to strip down her music to the barest essentials and showcase her real talent. And of course, she rocks it! Check out "Paparazzi," "Just Dance," and "Poker Face"!

  7. Defy conventions.

    Once upon a time, Lady Gaga was a Catholic school girl from a conservative family. Then she broke the mold and shocked everybody she knew by becoming a go-go dancer, her first step toward becoming the pop phenomenon she is today. She clearly isn't afraid to defy conventions to express herself and live out her dream.

  8. Establish her own identity.

    When she was beginning to gain fame, she was often mistaken for Amy Winehouse because of her naturally dark hair. It takes a lot of courage to get a drastic makeover, but Lady Gaga changed up her look and dyed her hair platinum blonde because she wanted to be recognized as herself.

  9. Wow everyone with her incredible showmanship.

    She's not afraid to take a performance to a whole new level. Lady Gaga has DEFINITELY raised the bar for live performances. The rest of the music world needs to keep up.

  10. Be appropriate when she has to, in spite of the whole avant garde thing she has going on.

    While she's known for her outlandish and often scandalous performances, Lady Gaga also knows when (and how) to tone it down—without sacrificing any facet of her personality. She's not afraid to compromise. Lady Gaga kept it classy but still fabulous during a performance for Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, and blew everyone away with a performance of "Speechless."
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