Lee Min Ho Is Now The Most Followed K-Drama Star On Instagram

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PHOTO: Instagram/actorleeminho

As more people immerse themselves in K-dramas, it doesn't come as a surprise that the popular actors and actresses that star in them have a massive following on Instagram. KStarLive recently released a list of the most followed K-drama stars as of April 2020. And of course, as K-drama fans ourselves, we did our own research to sample some of these stars' finest posts—and true enough, they're all worth a follow!

***Editor's Note: This list only includes celebrities who are primarily K-drama actors/actresses. Other top-followed stars not mentioned here are multi-hyphenate idols such as IU (@dlwlrma with 14.1M followers) and Bae Suzy (@skuukzky with 12.2M followers).

10. Lee Dong Wook - 6.9 million followers

Instagram handle: @leedongwook_official

The always handsome ahjussi uses his Instagram to update fans about new projects like guest hosting on V Live's Radio Apart as well as shooting for glossies such as Indeed Trend Magazine, Harper's BazaarTaiwan, GQ Korea, and W Magazine Korea.

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9. Kim So Hyun - 8.9 million followers

Instagram handle: @wow_kimsohyun

The best is yet to come for the 20-year-old actress as she announces upcoming projects on her IG, including Love Alarm Season 2. Exciting!

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8. Song Hye Kyo - 10.4 million followers

Instagram handle: @kyo1122

This K-drama queen doesn't need any introduction. She has already established herself as one of the top Hallyu stars of her time and needless to say, we're still in awe of her timeless beauty whether she posts off-duty selfies or high fashion editorial photos on her feed.

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7. Park Shin Hye - 10.6 million followers

Instagram handle: @ssinz7

Did you know that Park Shin Hye is a cat lover? A quick pull of her IG and you'll find snippets of her furry friends posted alongside some of her pretty selfies and travel photos.

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6. Lee Sung Kyung - 11.3 million followers

Instagram handle: @heybiblee

Lee Sung Kyung likes sharing behind-the-scenes photos from her dramas, including her latest series, Dr. Romantic 2. You can also follow her for chic outfits and adorable beauty posts, too!

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5. Nam Joo Hyuk - 11.5 million followers

Instagram handle: @skawngur

Nam Joo Hyuk hasn't been active on IG for a while but he still makes it to the most-followed list. We did some digging and got so genuinely impressed with his fashion show appearances. He definitely stood out at the Dior show in Paris last January!

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4. Ji Chang Wook - 12.3 million followers

Instagram handle: @jichangwook

From time to time, Ji Chang Wook makes our day when he posts artsy vacation photos as well as his advocacy projects like How You See Me, a campaign that shows support for people with disabilities. You'd also notice that he loves his motorcycles. His current obsession? The Ducati MH900e.

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3. Park Seo Joon - 13.6 million followers

Instagram handle: @bn_sj2013

Reminisce Itaewon Class days when you head to lead star Park Seo Joon's Instagram account. He shares a lot of cool behind-the-scenes photos including a teaser for his vlog where he says goodbye to the show. Now, post-series content isn't the only reason to follow PSJ, as he often shares stylish OOTDs, sometimes with his cute dog. Sold!

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2. Lee Jong Suk - 15.8 million followers

Instagram handle: @jongsuk0206

Did you know Lee Jong Suk recently commemorated his 10th debut anniversary in March? He may be busy rendering his military service right now but he sure maintains a strong follower count online. Looking forward to seeing his return next year!

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1. Lee Min Ho - 16.1 million followers

Instagram handle: @actorleeminho

Update as of June 8, 2020: All hail the comeback king! Lee Min Ho is now the Top 1 most followed K-drama actor on Instagram. He's pretty much active onscreen and online again since completing his military service last year. Aside from sharing behind-the-scenes snaps of The King: Eternal Monarch, he also posts fashion shoot outtakes and a few vacation pics. Adorable, as usual!

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