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These Are The 10 Most-Streamed Korean OST Tracks On Spotify This Year

From 'Itaewon Class' to 'Descendants Of The Sun'!
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If you're reading this article, chances are you're a huge fan of Korean dramas. With the surge in popularity of K-dramas this year alone (like, really, the obsession is REAL), their respective OSTs have also been so well-loved on music streaming platforms as well! Spotify named its Top 10 Most-Streamed Korean OST Tracks Globally for 2020, and they're from a mix of new and old dramasfrom Crash Landing On You to Descendants Of The Sun! And taking the number one spot is "Sweet Night" by BTS' V for Park Seo Joon's hit webtoon adaptation, Itaewon Class.

For more drama ~feels~, check out the full list below:

1. "Sweet Night" by V (Itaewon Class)

2. "Stay With Me" by CHANYEOL, Punch (Guardian: The Lonely And Great God)

3. "Start Over" by Gaho (Itaewon Class)

4. "Beautiful" by Crush (Guardian: The Lonely And Great God)

5. "It's Definitely You" by V, Jin (Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth)

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6. "Here I Am Again" by Yerin Baek (Crash Landing On You)

7. "It's You" by Henry (While You Were Sleeping)

8. "Everytime" by CHEN (Descendants Of The Sun)

9. "Give You My Heart" by IU (Crash Landing On You)

10. "But It's Destiny" by 10cm (Crash Landing On You)


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