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12 Pinay Celebrities Who Have Denied Getting Plastic Surgery

If there's one thing that most, if not all, Filipino celebrities are subjected to, it's being caught up in plastic surgery rumors. Some personalities have been open about getting beauty enhancements, and that's totally cool! But rumors or not, it's still a person's own prerogative whether to disclose this information to the public or not.

Below are 12 Filipina stars who have denied getting plastic surgery:

1. Kris Bernal

In May 2021, Kris Bernal conducted a True Or False session on her Instagram Stories with one follower asking, "Retoke yung nose?" The actress replied to the query with this statement: "A lot of people think I had a nose job but I was born with a matangos na ilong." That's not all, though! She also attached a picture of her 12-year-old self to prove her point.

Kris has been asked if she's gotten beauty enhancements throughout the years, and shuts them down each time. In 2017, she said people were saying she had her lips, nose, and breasts done, and shared, "There's so much you can do na it doesn't mean that you had surgery. 'Yon rin ang gusto kong sabihin sa tao na if you see something different in a person, don't judge right away na, 'Ay, nagparetoke na agad yan.' You have to consider also is it just the make-up, is it just the outfit, na nagkaroon siya ng boobs or whatever."


2. Heart Evangelista

Another celebrity who's always been suspected to have gone under the knife is Heart Evangelista. At the launch of her beauty book This Is Me, Love Marie in 2015, Heart was asked if she had anything "fixed" on her face. Heart replied that she had "nothing against it [surgery]," but she really, "did not have anything done." In 2019, an Instagram follower commented this on one of her posts: "I saw fillers in her jaw and chin but looks good on you." Heart saw the comment and classily said, "I don't do those things, ma'am. Nothing against it, though." She even jokingly added, "If meron fillers for the height, super go na."

And in April 2021, a Twitter user claimed in a now-deleted tweet: "The doctor who did Heart Evangelista's nose is going to do mine. I am so EXCITED." Heart retweeted it and said: "Who is this doctor because I can actually tell him I didn't do my nose and he is lying to you. Please give me the name. You can actually sue him for lying to you...To anyone who claimed the same to you please message me their names. This is horribly wrong. To lie to you about this is just so so wrong. I'd rather a rumor [than] someone actually claiming they did my nose (I did not)." 


3. Ivana Alawi

In a guesting on Tonight With Boy Abunda in 2019, Ivana Alawi had to answer assumptions about her, and one of which was the speculation that her butt was enhanced. Ivana had this to say about the assumption: "It's very funny 'cause when I was young, I used to always be bullied for my big butt. And I hated it! I hated my butt. I would cry to my mom, 'Mom, I hate my butt!' As in, tawag sa akin bibe, parang duck! And then my mom said, 'Ano ka ba, si Jennifer Lopez nga!' So sabi ko, 'Jennifer Lopez? Oo nga no.' She's so proud of her booty. Sabi ko, 'Sige nga! Maipakita nga sa tao ang booty ko!'" When asked if she was retokada, Ivana answered that she wasn't but that she's open to getting enhancements done in the future, specifically for her nose.


4. Kim Chiu

When Kim Chiu turned 21 years old in 2011, she was subjected to rumors that she had a nose job and had her breasts enhanced. "Wala naman po," she told TV Patrol. "Parang bakit? Bawal bang mag-mature?" Touching her nose, she said, "Gumagalaw pa naman sila." Kim also added, "Kung gusto nila i-prove ko sa kanila kasi wala talagang pagbabago…Hindi naman dapat physical lang yung kagandahan mo kasi, sa akin nga, 'pag mabait ka, maganda ka na."


5. Kathryn Bernardo

In 2018, Kathryn Bernardo sat down with Boy Abunda and spoke about how she was well aware of what her bashers called herfrom pabebe to retokada. About the latter, Kathryn said, "Ever since hindi ako napikon." She then went on to list down the criticisms about her: "'Nagparetoke. Nilalaklak ang Gluta. Kasi dati, ano yan e, sobrang itim noon, tapos ngayon, ang puti. Sa ilong, naparetoke 'yan.'" "Hindi naman! Puwede bang nag-mature lang?" she said. "And walang masama kung i-improve mo ang sarili mo. Ang yung ibang taong nagpaparetoke, walang masama doon kasi, una, katawan nila 'yon, and anong masama kung gusto nila i-improve sarili nila?" Kath finally said, "Hindi po talaga [ako nagparetoke]! Tigilan na, please."


6. Alex Gonzaga

In April 2021, Alex Gonzaga admitted to getting cosmetic surgery a vlog with Dr. Vicki Belo, "Nagpa-thread lift ako at saka lips. Don't judge me. But very slight lang kasi ayaw ni doktoraPero gusto ko talaga yung parang patusok. Ayaw niya. Very sweet lang." A month prior to this, Alex and her sister Toni Gonzaga sat down to talk about the wildest rumors about themone of Alex's being that she had a nose job. When asked to confirm if she had it done, Alex wittily answered, "Guys, hindi pa ako nagpapagawa ng ilong, pero malapit na."


7. Regine Velasquez

In a 2019 sit-down at Tonight With Boy Abunda, Regine Velasquez played a fun game where she had to react to old photos of herself. When a cleavage-bearing editorial photo was shown on screen, Regine revealed that this specific pic had stirred up rumors of her getting a breast enhancement procedure. "Alam mo, nachismis ako na nagparetoke ako ng [boobs]. Hindi nila alam na katakot-takot na tape 'yan para lang lumabas!"


8. Lovi Poe

To address plastic surgery rumors about her in 2018Lovi Poe simply said, "Zero retoke ako." She then credited her healthier eating habits and regular workouts to her change in physical appearance. Addressing her bashers, Lovi said, "You don't have to have so much hate for people who have transformed into someone who tried to improve themselves."


9. Alexa Ilacad

In April 2021, Alexa Ilacad revealed that she had been receiving DMs on Instagram suspecting her of getting a nose job. Prior to this, Alexa had posted a selfie with a scar on her nose which led some netizens to believe she'd gotten surgery. She addressed the issue on Instagram Stories by saying, "Some of you are soooo funny!! Sending me rude DMs 'coz you think I had a nose job 'coz of this 'scar' on my nose....You guys have to chill out!! 1st of all, my cat just scratched my nose hahahaha and 2nd, there is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery if a person wanted to, periodtttt." She also added in the same story, "I look pissed here 'coz I was. I just wanted some love but my cat said NOPE."


10. Rabiya Mateo

After Rabiya Mateo won Miss Universe Philippines in 2020, her old high school yearbook photo circulated online which brought about plastic surgery rumors. On Instagram, Rabiya wrote, "This was me 11 years ago. I still didn't have my braces. I didn't how to put on makeup. I'm not aware of what angle flatters me most but that is still me. A lot of things happened in that period of time. I grew up and became more mature. I was able to invest in myself and practice self-love. If there would be one thing that I want other people to know about me is that I'm beautiful then and now. The only thing different is now, I know better."

Rabiya's mom, Christine Mateo, also spoke about the rumors with GMA and said, "Wala namang retoke si Rabiya. Pilit ng pilit kasi. Tanong ng tanong ang iba. What's the big deal? Ang alam ko 'pag may problema sa pimples, punta kay doc, 'pag sa mata, lagyan ng eye makeup, 'pag sa ilong, contour or kay doc…you call that enhancement. Alam naman nila iyan."


11. Jessy Mendiola

In a vlog released in June 2021, Jessy Mendiola revealed the most Googled questions about her and shared that one of the most searched topics about her is her before-and-after photos. She talked about how people speculated that she'd had plastic surgery done on her face and denied ever doing so: "Ang dami-dami nagsasabi nagparetoke ako kasi nagbago daw yung ilong ko, parang sobrang lumiit yung face. But ang totoo really pumayat lang din ako and nag-mature yung face ko kaya feeling ko mas naging defined yung features ko."

And as for rumors that she got her breasts done, Jessy said, "They are real. Hindi ko na talaga kaya magpadagdag pa dahil bigat na bigat na din ako sa aking hinaharap."


12. Andrea Brillantes

Andrea Brillantes answered assumptions about her in a vlog released in September 2021, and one of which was that she's had plastic surgery. Jokingly, she said, "Hindi po ako retokada, pero thanks for thinking that. Ibig sabihin may maganda sa mukha ko para maisip niyo na retokada ako." She went on to explain why her nose might look different to how it was when she starred in the 2018 teleserye Kadenang Ginto: "Kung titignan niyo rin naman yung mga baby pictures ko, kung iisipin niyo na peke yung ilong ko...kasi tumubo lang itong bridge ko noong Kadenang GintoKasi manas na manas yung mukha ko dati. Doon ako nagsimulang pumayatTsaka nagma-mature kasi talaga ang mukha. At saka ang ilong, hindi yan tumitigil lumaki sa mukha ng isang tao." 



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