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10 Things We Found Out About Tricia Centenera

Did you know she has a direct link to Kim Kardashian?!
PHOTO: Instagram/triciacentenera

This past week, we’ve been seeing the name of Tricia Centenera make the rounds on our social news feeds. We know she's Gab Valenciano's wife, but apart from all the marital drama and divorce rumors surrounding her, we’ve wondered: Who is she, really?

After scouring the web, we found a few interesting facts about her:

1. Tricia was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and has Spanish-Filipino parents.

2. She started dancing professionally in Australia at 17. But in 2007, she was involved in a car accident that threatened her dancing career. Thankfully, she recovered and was able to walk again after only 3 months. [via]

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3. Apart from dancing, Tricia also models, acts, and hosts!

4. She’s the youngest of five ~*gorgeous*~ sisters!

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5. She's in the same Manila crew in LA as KC Concepcion and Iza Calzado.

6. And she’s super tight with her sister-in-law Kiana Valenciano.

7. Her inner Aussie comes out when she’s at the beach!

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8. She’s a certified dog lover and has two pups named Rocket and Ryder. (They have their own IG account, FYI!)

9. Tricia has an older sister, Christine Centenera, who’s the Fashion Director of Vogue Austalia.

10. The Centenera sisters are close with these super famous sisters: the Kardashians. Here they are with Kim and Kourtney Kardashian at Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing’s LA birthday bash!

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And yup, that’s Kylie Jenner.

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