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100 Derek Ramsays And More Celebs At The Launch Of Belo Men

If one Derek Ramsay is already too hot for you to handle, imagine what a crazy hunk-fest it would be to see a hundred.

It rained men at The Establishment in The Fort, as a hundred hunks in Derek Ramsay masks took turns on the runway one Tuesday night.

Even Derek himself was a bit freaked out to see a hundred men wearing his face. But as event host Raya Mananquil joined Derek onstage to tell everyone about the endless reasons we love Derek, all he could do was smile shyly.

What exactly was going on?
That night marked the launch of a new skincare line for men, Belo Men.  The brainchild of celebrity doctor Vicki Belo and daughter Cristalle Belo Henares, Belo Men was made to address the growing need for products specifically made for male skin. Yes, now you can breathe a sigh of relief—your guy won't have to use YOUR facial wash, toner, or moisturizer anymore!

And who else can be the face (and body!) of Belo Men but the tall, dark, handsome, uber-masculine, and too-good-for-words Derek Ramsay?

Celebs and other familiar faces were spotted at the event that marks the new age of skin care: where it's perfectly acceptable (and necessary!) for men to take care of their skin--with their own skin care products--as much as women do. We realized how true this was when we got a sneak preview of Belo Men's funny and witty TV commercials, starring Derek, of course, and directed by Quark Henares.

Check out our gallery for snapshots of Derek and the hot celebs we spotted at the party that night.

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