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11 Reasons Why Gal Gadot aka 'Wonder Woman' Is Our New Girl Crush

Did you know she's already a MOM?!

1. Her winning Wonder Woman smile in BvS: Dawn of Justice. Admit it, after she appeared to backup Batman and Superman in the movie’s climax, you knew Doomsday was going to meet his, er, doom!

2. She’s quite the sassy lady! This clip of her asking Jimmy Kimmel about what he thinks of her breasts is Late Night gold. 

3. And while the cast of BvS: Dawn of Justice had a guest appearance on Conan, she kind of admitted to sleeping with her own girl crush, Amy Adams (aka Lois Lane). Pajama party! 

4. Trolls and online haters don’t faze her. When the first images of her as Wonder Woman were released online, a lot of fans of the character criticized Gal Gadot’s chest area for not being true to the superheroine’s more ample bosom. She just brushed it off, because you know, she’s cool like that.   

5. Her name has quite the ring to it and sweetly rolls of the tongue. “Gal” actually means “wave” in Hebrew, and “Gadot” translates to “riverbank.” This lady is all about being fluid as water.  

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6. Those modelesque legs tho! Standing 5’10’’, the Wonder Woman stunner has got gams for days.

7. She can wear a heavy costume without it looking silly. Most would look ridiculous AF in the Wonder Woman armor, but Gal Gadot works it LIKE. A. PRO. 

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8. She’s a multihyphenate. Her resume includes combat trainer, former Miss Universe candidate, fashion model, and actress. Is there anything she can’t do?

9. She can endorse the fuck out of anything. She’s led international campaigns for the likes of Gucci, Jaguar, Captain Morgan, and numerous fashion labels.

10. She’s just so badass! Not only was she able to share battle scenes with Batman and Superman, but she showed off her totes legit skills at burning rubber for the Fast and the Furious franchise. 

11. Oh, and guess what? She’s a mom, too! She’s the mother to two gorgeous little girls and, sad as it is for the rest of the human population, it seems like one of Wonder Woman’s greatest powers is not being subjected to the hassles of stretch marks.  

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