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12 Most Kilig 'OTWOL' Moments

Calling all OTWOListas!

Admit it—you’re as hooked as we are on On The Wings Of Love or simply OTWOL for the legions of loyal OTWOListas worldwide. This primetime serye is such a hit that it has 1) been extended until February 2016 (this means OTWOL will run for 6 months, double the usual 3-month duration of a teleserye), 2) sold thousands of scrapbooks, pillows, coffee mugs, and other merchandise with the faces of James Reid and Nadine Lustre on them, and 3) been trending on Twitter every single night!

And why would it not trend? It’s only the most kilig thing on nighttime TV these days! This show has propelled both James and Nadine to the primetime big league and we are SO not surprised given this love team’s undeniable chemistry and how amazingly effective they are at playing Clark and Leah.

We kid you not—every single night is gold; there’s always a scene that makes us squeal with kilig! If you need more convincing, here’s proof: Our picks for the 12 Most Kilig Moments in the show!

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1. The time he started seeing Leah in a different way. Nothing beats the kilig of new love. You know that moment you realize you’re falling? You look at the person and you just know that everything has changed.

2. When Leah said love na kita and Clark took it way too seriously. You see from the change in his expression how happy he was to hear the L-word.

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3. The time Clark admitted to Leah that being with her made him happy. Awww!

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4. When Clark drove all the way to Napa Valley to help Leah find her mom. A for effort! But, alas, the trip was unsuccessful and he was right there to comfort the sad and disappointed Leah.

5. Speaking of Napa Valley, a lot of good things happened there, too. One of them is this habulan scene which is probably the most romantic habulan scene in the history of the world.

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6. Sometimes the quiet, thoughtful moments are the ones that make us fall the hardest.

7. Who can forget about the #OTWOLMostApprovedKiss? Yes, they’ve kissed before (for show at their wedding and at a friend’s renewal of vows) but THIS, this is a let’s-get-carried-away-by-how-we-feel-this-very-moment kind of kiss!

8. It takes a long time before Leah and Clark really admit how they feel about each other. Unfortunately, it happens when Leah’s ex Jigs shows up and they’re pressured to get a divorce. So while this is still super kilig, it’s a mix of bitter and sweet.

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9. It’s totally awesome when love is finally free to say and do what it wants! Here, Clark tells Leah the sweetest thing.

10. There’s something about secretly longing for someone that makes our heart flutter. In this scene, Clark follows Leah in Manila but keeps his promise to stay away and give her space. So what does he do? Go to her neighborhood every single night hoping for just a glimpse of her. Now that’s LOVE.

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11. Aminin mo, Leah! Kinilig ka rin dito!

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12.  And finally, the night hubby got drunk. This is one for the books! No acting required!