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15 Times Kendall Jenner Was Our Beauty Peg


1. When she proved to us that bold brows, eyes, and lips can work all at once:

2. When she showed us that a perfect cat eye is all you need:

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3. When she had a towel wrapped around her head yet she still looked amazing AF:

4. When she reminded us that kilay is indeed everything:

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5. But you can still look good without ‘em:

6. Or that time she proudly showed off her freckles and bushy brows:

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7. How about that time she revealed her choice of red lipstick?

8. When she made us consider getting colored contacts:

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9. When she NAILED the top knot and made us want to get bangs, too:

10. And how she makes us want to do a center part forever:

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11. Or maybe go blonde:

12. Or hell, even pink!

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13. Here’s when she showed us the power of highlighting:

14. And that time she appeared on Vogue looking like she had zero makeup on:

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15. Or maybe we just really want to be Kendall Jenner:

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