16 Great Gadgets For Girls (And Their Guys)

It's all about staying connected! Phones, digicams, webcams, and other things your computer needs--right here, right now.

Career-driven Cosmo chicks like you need your gadgets. And we know you also like to keep tabs on the latest gizmos in the market: as soon as new technology comes out, newer technology is developed to improve upon the old, and gadget gaga folks among you snap them right up.

Five-megapixel digital cameras are a thing of the past (now, a 5MP camera in a phone is commonplace), trackball mice are history, and cellular phones are incorporating more and more advanced technology every day--as they come at a much, much lower cost to fit your budget.

Gadgets aren't just functional anymore; they're fashionable, too. Today's technology is built to be practical and pretty, and perfectly suited to your modern lifestyle.

Looking to upgrade to a new camera, a new phone, or new peripherals for your computer (like more comfortable keyboards and mice, and a super high quality webcam)? Click through to the Gallery below to check out our latest picks!

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