20 *Hottest* Bretman Rock Moments To Celebrate His 20th Birthday

Stunning (or wuteva).
PHOTO: Instagram/bretmanrock

It's official: Bretman Rock is no longer a teen! To celebrate his 20th birthday, here are 20 of our favorite Insta moments (it was so hard to choose 'cause you already know he lit). 

Before he even reached his 20s, Bretman already bought a house.

He ain't shy about what appears to be a pretty ~healthy~ sex life.

He follows trends but adds a twist. ;)

Stripped down? Hot.

Done up? Hot. 

But he knows nothing is hotter than being comfortable in your own skin. 

Speaking of confidence, have you met Whora The Explora?

Here's Bretman showing some major #pride. 

And who could forget the time he hosted the red carpet at Miss Universe 2017? 

That crown looked good on Bretman. 

Remember when we met Cleo for the first time? #ProudTito

And we were #blessed with the Bretman Rock and Cleo show. 

Everyone knows this iconic look, right?

Where can we order this delicious sandwich?

You may have noticed that he's been looking extra swole lately *insert a billion fire emojis*!

He lifts.

And squats.

And exercises...his vocals.

We know there's more in store for this kween. And we can't wait to see what's next now that he's in his twenties!

But let's take a look at where it all started: Here's Bretman's ~*first*~ Instagram post from June 28, 2013.

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