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20 Struggles Every James Reid Fan Knows Too Well


1. Your ultimate dream atm is to be Nadine Lustre.

Especially since James and Nadine just came out as a couple!!! Saan ba makakahanap ng sarili kong James Reid?

2. It’s like your whole life revolves around James Reid and/or JaDine now.

As if you needed another thing that will take up your time and attention. Being a fangirl demands A LOT of effort ha!

3. Weekends are now dedicated to rewatching OTWOL episodes, old clips, and movies.

Once more. With more feelings.

4. You have several James Reid playlists on your Spotify account.

One for all his original songs and one for all the songs he uses as captions on his IG account. Now to make one for songs from the #JadineInLoveConcert!

5. You’ve spent A LOT of money on this fandom.

Ang gastos! You ALWAYS have to get dibs on the latest magazines, books, and newspaper features on him. Madalas, sold out pa!


6. You refuse to make weekday dinner plans with anyone because you have to be home in time for OTWOL.


7. You’ve called your best friend who lives on the other side of the world—like Canada—just so you have someone to share your intense feels.

No one understands your kilig like your best friend. Everyone else just says you’re so baduy. *eyeroll*

8. Your alarm clock tone is “Hanap-Hanap.”

Nothing like waking up to the sweet sound of James and Nadine singing a duet!

9. You created an iWantTV account specifically for nights when you can't watch OTWOL.

10. When you get bored while you’re out with your friends, you stalk and search #JaDine updates on social media.

You literally follow all the James/JaDine/Nadine fan chapters. EVERY SINGLE ONE. 

11. You don’t go out often, but you’ve seriously considered hanging out at Palace Pool Club, Revel, Tipsy Pig BGC, or Rockwell for possible James sightings.

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You never know!!!

12. You’ve memorized #JaDine’s schedule at Viva Channel so you can’t ever miss an episode.

13. You’ve bookmarked to see the latest BTS photos and outtakes.

And you hit that refresh button constantly!

13. You’re super updated with James’ schedule, you might as well be his handler.

You know whether he’s at taping, at a photo shoot, at a TV guesting, or an endorsement event.

14. You’re always puyat because you wait for new updates online.

And right as you’re about to sleep, he updates his Instagram. Yup, no sleeping tonight!

15. You have multiple Viber/Whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram/Telegram groups with your fellow fangirls to stay updated on the latest chika about your dream guy.

That’s dedication right there.

16. James’ Instagram account automatically appears on your top searches and you just keep it there so you can easily stalk him every five minutes.

Plus, you also follow the people close to him on IG—from his road manager Caryl to his best friend Bret Jackson.


17. Your boyfriend is starting to get jealous because all you do is watch OTWOL, stalk James' IG account, or talk about him on your “all things James Reid” Viber group.

Nagseselos na nga siya, hinahampas mo pa siya kapag kinikilig ka kay Clark.

18. Your YouTube history includes all his music videos, commercials, OTWOL outtakes, interviews, and fan clips so you can watch them again and again.

And YouTube keeps suggesting other James videos for you to watch. The Internet knows you so well!

19. You’ve already planned what you’ll do and say the day you meet him.

But you’re pretty sure you’ll end up speechless or crying. Or both. Love you, Jaime! 

20. You love him so much, you're willing to fight people who say mean things about him. 

D E D I C A T I O N. 

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