2010 Bachelor Shoot Day 1: Wild And Sizzling At Zoobic Safari

The Cosmo team took the Bachelors to Zoobic Safari in Subic for the first day of wild, wild shoots for this year's Cosmo Men supplement!

Finally, after go-sees, go-sees, and more go-sees, the list of 69 hot, hot men was complete and the first batch of Bachelors were all set to shoot!

The Cosmo team took the guys all the way to the lush rainforests of Zoobic Safari in Subic to get better acquainted with all sorts of interesting animals for their sexy shoots. Decked out in just their jeans, they posed in different rainforest vistas with an assortment of exotic birds, snakes, and other scaly reptiles. It was definitely wild!

After the shoot (there were so many guys, we took two photographers with us!), the Zoobic crew took the Cosmo team and the Bachelors on an exciting tiger safari ride. One of the tigers even jumped on top of the safari vehicle and took a ride with us!

Click through to the Gallery below to check out our behind-the-scenes coverage of the first Bachelor shoot!

Grab the September issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine to see more of these Bachelors! Andi Eigenmann is on the cover, while Sam Milby graces the cover of the Cosmo Men supplement--in stands now!

DISCLAIMER: No animals were harmed during the production of the Cosmo Men supplement. The handling of animals during the shoots was done with the supervision of trainers and animal experts from the Avilon Wildlife Conservation Foundation and Zoobic Safari.

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