21 Reasons Why We Want To Be BFFs With Taylor Swift

Even just being one of her cats seems like #WinningAtLife.

Why is it that even people who weren’t fans of Taylor Swift a year ago now just adore her? Sure, there’s her knockout last album—1989 is DA BOMB—but also, she seems like a great human being.

How are we such experts on the topic? INSTAGRAM. You only have to join her 29.4 million (!!!) IG followers to conclude that she’s a generous, enthusiastic, unapologetic person who’s not above poking fun at herself—exactly the kind of person we want to be friends with.

Here, we’ve rounded up 21 of many Instagram moments that make us want to be her bestie. Move aside, Lorde/Selena/Karlie/Jaime/etc.

1. Tay-Tay takes the time out to publicly greet her friends on their birthdays. Like, Lorde, who turned 18 the day Tay posted this photo. "It's Ella's 18th birthday technically but we all know she's really 300 and knows all the secrets of the universe," Taylor wrote.

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2. Tay’s super generous with compliments. Here, she gives props to pal Emma Stone for her awesome performance in Broadway’s Cabaret. "Got to see Emma KILL IT in Cabaret last night! Every new project she takes on is even more excellent than her last and it has inspired me since the day I met her 7 years ago."

3. While many girls would cringe at stepping out in the same thing another chick is wearing, Tay loves twinning with friends. Remember how she and Lorde wore matching denim last year?

4. If you ask her, she’d totes be game to be your Maid of Honor.

5. And when you’re pregs like pal Jaime King here, count on her to say yes to being your mini-me’s godmother.

6. Obviously, she likes the little ‘uns. See? TOTAL GODMOTHER MATERIAL.

7. And she's a hugger.

8. She's not just a hugger. She's a kisser, too!

9. Despite her fame, she stays close with old pals. Like childhood bestie Abigail Anderson, with whom she’s been close since 2005.

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10. And if you’re tight with Tay, she’ll go out of her way to surprise you. Case in point: The guy on the right is Chris Carraba a.k.a. Dashboard Confessional, whom Tay invited on the sly to perform at Abigail’s birthday because Abigail’s a huge fan.

11. She’s totally cool with uploading embarrassing snaps from her youth, like this one of her and BFF Abigail in ’05 wearing outfits she probably wouldn’t be caught dead wearing now.

12. Wacky face shots? Tay-Tay is SO THERE.

13. And while she’s down-to-earth, there’s still a huge chance you'll end up in a photo with really famous folks if you hang with her. No biggie.

14. In fact, her parties are seriously filled with stars doing everyday things you never thought you’d see. Jay-Z drinking stuff? NO WAY.

15. Even when she and her pals are just walking down the street, they look like they’re in a fashion editorial shoot.

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16. But she’s not just a girly girl. She’s into outdoorsy stuff, too. (While still rocking the red lip, of course.)

17. Plus, she can kick it with the guys.

18. She loves taking crazy pics—even with people she just met.

19. THIS IS PRICELESS: She sends fans specially prepared packages to show them just how much she appreciates them.

20. Even her cats Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey (see, she’s a TV addict just like you!) get the BFF treatment from her.

21. No wonder Lorde looks more than happy to be holding Tay’s foot. We would, too, if we were her ~FRIEND 4 LYF~.

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