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2NE1 Had The Sweetest Video Call *Reunion* To Celebrate Their 11th Anniversary

2NE1 forever!
PHOTO: Instagram/chaelincl

Just like you and your barkada this quarantine period, the girls of 2NE1 had a ~virtual reunion~ over the weekend to celebrate their 11th debut anniversary! On Sunday, May 17, CL posted a screen recording of her video call with Sandara Park, Park Bom, and Minzy. Writing on Instagram, she said, "HAPPY 11th 2NE1 X BLACKJACK DAY. Our members Bom, Dara, and Minzy; our BLACKJACK fans; and everyone who loves 2NE1, thank you always."


According to Soompi, the four girls took turns to express their ~feels~ over their anniversary, and here are some snippets of their messages:

Park Bom: "I can't believe 11 years have passed already. I feel a little emotional, and I'd like for us to actually reunite for real."

Sandara: "You are all so precious to me, so precious. I love you so much!"

Minzy: "Wow, it's already our 11th anniversary. I’m now in my late 20s…I didn't know 11 years would pass by this quickly, but I'm glad that we're able to be together like this. 2NE1 forever! I love you!"

CL: "I'd like it if we could get together at least once a year, using our anniversary as an excuse, so I'm a little sad that we couldn't meet up today. Let's definitely get together before [Sandara's] musical ends this month, and let's also meet up to congratulate Minzy when her single comes out. And no matter what, since we started everything together—even though we're apart, our fans have really been congratulating us a lot on our anniversary. Even though it's been a long time since we've [promoted] together."

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Last year, 2NE1 celebrated their 10th anniversary togetherIRLand even held an Instagram Live sesh for their BLACKJACKS to feel like they were part of it. Aww! 


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