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3 Filipino Celebs Who Have Denied Getting Nose Jobs

Teejay Marquez: 'Hindi ba puwede nagbinata?'
PHOTO: (left to right) instagram/christiaaan06, instagram/teejaymarquez

One of the most common cosmetic procedures is the nose job. A lot of people have spoken up about getting their noses done or other enhancementsand that's totally cool! But some people, specifically celebrities, get subjected to nose job rumors even if they explicitly denied getting it done.

Below are three Filipino celebrities who have denied getting nose jobs:

1. Teejay Marquez

During a press con in 2017, Teejay Marquez was asked about his more "prominent" nose. He credited his enhanced features to a dermatology clinic he regularly went to, but specifically denied getting any procedure done: "Hindi, meron lamang po akong derma clinic, pero hindi naman po. Meron lang po akong derma, kumbaga naalagan lamang po ako ng specialists nila."

He was further pressed about the issue and replied that his looks probably changed because he grew up. "Hindi ba puwede nagbinata? Nagbinata na lang. Salamat sa pagbibinata," Teejay said.

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2. Christian Bables

Christian Bables was also probed about his nose during a 2018 press con. He flat out answered that his nose has been the same ever since and that if there were a procedure he'd actually have done, it'd be to remove his acne scars: "Dati nang ganito ang ilong ko. Wala po talaga, wala po. Kumbaga, kung meron man akong gustong ipabago sa mukha ko, yung pimple scars. Kasi ang hirap niya talaga."

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Christian then joked that if he'd have his nose done, his nose would be too matangos. "Sobrang tangos na. Sobrang tangos na ng ilong ko," he said.


3. Jak Roberto

When old photos of Jak Roberto made the rounds online in 2017, he was speculated to have had a nose job. In an interview with, he did admit that he looked different back then: "Oo nga, e. Ang dalas kasi sinasabi nila, e, ang laki kasi [ng pagbabago]," he said. "Pinagdidikit pa nila [picture noon at ngayon]. Actually, noon ang payat ko noon, tsaka ang itim. Dati talaga, crooked teeth pa ako, so nagpa-brace. And siguro, naligo lang nang madalas para pumuti naman, 'di ba, since kailangan naman natin maging good-looking sa camera."

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But as for cosmetic surgery for his nose? Jak denied getting it done but was open to the possibility of it in the future: "Naku, sana nga, 'no. Actually, sa ngayon, ang dami nang enhancements, e. Pero if ever, why not? Kasi feeling ko nga, medyo bilugan, e."


BONUS: Paolo Ballesteros

In 2020, Paolo Ballesteros posted a selfie on Instagram and was asked by a follower if he had a nose job. He didn't confirm or deny the query, but instead cheekily replied "secret."

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