33 Times Male Celebs Heated Up Your Summer On Instagram

It's getting hot in here.

1. That time Ian Somerhalder wanted to get us involved in a good cause, but we were too distracted by the fact that he was shirtless.

2. That time Scott Eastwood totally killed it while training for Suicide Squad.

3.That time a pouty Fabio Ide practically begged us to take a dip in the pool with him.

4. That time our thirst was quenched just by looking at Daniel Matsunaga having his thirst quenched.

5. That time it was so hot, Enrique Gil couldn't help stripping off his clothes right there in a restroom.

6. That time it really was too hot out so Alden Richards hung in his room topless with the AC turned up, and all we wanted to do was crawl into bed with him.

7. That time Justin Bieber just got rid of his clothes altogether and had nothing on but a towel wrapped around his waist.

8. That time Sean O'Pry posted this and only two words came to mind: SHOWER SEX.

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9. That time JC de Vera reminded us why we should aim for a beach-ready bod this summer.

10. That Time Cristiano Ronaldo was a total master at selling this brand of underwear.

11. That time we dreamt that we had woken up beside David Beckham in bed, only to find out that the dream was real.

12. That time the light from the heavens hit James Reid's face just right, and all the choirs of angels sang.

13. That time Joseph Marco brought the big guns to Cambodia.

14. That time Jake Cuenca was a tousle-haired vision in Bangkok.

15. That time Joseph and Jake were joined by Ejay Falcon for a marvelous manstagram.

16. That time the three friends were at it again.

17. And again.

18. And then we just wanted to pile into this van and go on a road trip with all three of them.

19. That time Zac Efron rode like a badass into our hearts.

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20. That time Joe Manganiello looked like he could crush any creep who tried to hit on you.

21. That time Drew Arellano was a gorgeous, glistening daredevil.

22. That time Mikael Daez literally brought sexy back.

23. That time Erwan Heussaff did this and it was a glorious thing.

24. That time Enchong Dee hurt himself and we were like, "Awww, c'mere baby."

25. That time Anthony Semerad showed us what paradise looks like in more ways than one.

26. And twin bro David Semerad was in another kind of paradise.

27. And together they graced us with this photo, and it wasn't topless, but it was good enough.

28. That time Alex Pettyfer leaned back in the sun looking like a golden god.

29. That time Kellan Lutz was having a blast at Coachella and we wanted so badly to party with him.

30. That time Ahron Villena shared his birthday suit—oops—celebration with us.

31. That time Piolo Pascual and son Iñigo served up a double dose of hotness.

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32. That time Hideo Muraoka carried his daughter and our ovaries promptly exploded.

33. That time Jericho Rosales flashed his dimples and all was well in the world.

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