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4 Reasons To Tune Into The Latest Season Of YRide

Season Four is a radical departure from the show

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Since 2018, YRide has been Yamaha Motor Philippines’ online portal for anything and everything Yamaha. Hosted by the energetic Zach Lucero, it featured product launches, events, reviews and riding tips. Zach even visited the Yamaha HQ in Japan to take viewers on a deep dive into its culture and history. For the latest season, however, YRide is taking a new approach. Anchored by fashion icon Janeena Chan, TikTok star Agassi Ching, the multi-talented Sharlene San Pedro, and dancing sensations Ranz and Niana Guerrero, YRide is now focused on the rider and the ride, and how Yamaha fits into the Gen Z lifestyle.

At the show’s combination launch party-slash-premiere at The Axon at Green Sun Hotel, Yamaha gathered an eclectic crowd of motorcycle media, influencers and social media icons, in an event outlining the brand’s direction for the years ahead. Smack in the middle of Instagram and TikTok booths was the Yamaha Mio Fazzio, the co-star of the show, and the most stylish scooter on the road today. It wasn’t the only fashion icon on the floor, though.

Janeena as host emerged in a stunning piece she jokingly called her “siomai” outfit, as playful as it was chic. Other guests showed up in ensembles that ranged from full riding gear to retro ’80s chic, as well as cross-gen cosplay, with the full range of Gen Z styles and colors on display.

After a brief introduction by Zach, we got a preview of the upcoming season, and found out why you should tune in to Season 4 of Yamaha’s flagship web series:

The Style

Hosts Janeena Chan and Agassi Ching bring the “fash” in the first two episodes, showcasing Gen Z’s eclectic style. From preppy to poppy, the current generation’s looks are varied and endlessly inventive.

The Scene

Sharlene San Pedro helms Episode 3, as she sets out on a food crawl and photowalk, hanging with friends and having a good time. Retro chic fashion, vintage camera, neon-lit nights, and the Mio Fazzio make for a totally rocking vibe.

The Moves

In the fourth episode, Ranz and Niana attend Yamaha’s riding academy, where the dynamic dancing duo learn more about safe riding. Like the dance moves that earned them over 20 million followers on social media, riding requires a little rhythm and a lot of practice.

The Mio Fazzio

After the premiere, hosts and guests weighed in on what defines the nebulous Gen Z style, what flops, what bops, what hops. It’s an eclectic palette of vibrant colors and neutral tones, retro looks and anime styling, everything from punk to preppy. All of those make the Mio Fazzio a perfect fit for this new generation.

Timeless lines and colors won’t clash with your own, and retro looks conceal modern touches like digital connectivity and ports that allow you to mount accessories like racks and saddle bags to further express your unique style. With the Yamaha Mio Fazzio, you are free to be you by pursuing your fashion and interests.

For more information on this and other products, visit Yamaha’s official website, its Facebook page and Youtube channel, where new episodes of YRide drop every Friday. Be sure to like and subscribe to receive notifications when the next one drops!

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